AtomicGamer: WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 Review

Many reviewers who love wrestling games will surely be enumerating every plus and minus over SvR 2009 and lamenting the rather small number of downsides here while praising the pluses. For example, creating your own superstar is easier than ever and your result will look much better than in years past (mostly because loading times have improved immensely and clothing and accessories are actually modeled in 3D rather than "painted on"), but now there are stricter limitations on the number of accessories that can be added. The series' biggest new mode that allows you to create your own story by putting together and editing scenes both in and out of the ring is going to be huge for wrestling fans, but you can only put any one superstar in a limited number of scenes - this kills any opportunity for creating a very long story for any given character.

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