Co-Optimus: Borderlands Co-Op Review

Borderlands opens up with a song titled "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" by Cage the Elephant, and to some extent, it's the game's mantra throughout. Borrowing the best from both shooters and RPGs, Borderlands is an epic romp through the world of Pandora as players choose one of four characters to unlock the secrets of the Vault. With claims of millions of guns, hundreds of quests, and four player co-op - Borderlands stands out as a giant amongst the 6 or 8 hour shooters everyone has grown accustomed to.

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Hellsvacancy3256d ago

Any1 got this 4 the Ps3? ive got no1 2do co-co with :-(

DanSolo3256d ago

Yeah I've got it mate. What's ya PSN ID?

I tried it online with strangers but there's alot of [email protected] that just try to mess the game up. Plus if you join someone else's game mid-way through you miss all the quests they have done.