New Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay could spark more controversy

ConnectedConsoles: Modern Warfare 2 hasn't had a perfect run-up to retail especially with the Infamy trailer showing the war coming to the United States. Infinity Ward also announced that the PC version of the game would not have dedicated servers which which caused many gamers to boycott the game. Now, a new video has appeared online which could spark even more controversy.

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coolcole933134d ago

Well I *was* planning on blowing up a plane, but now I'll just play MW2 instead :)

Dutch Boogie3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Very bad. I can picture the kids on xboxlive enjoying the killing spree of innocent bystanders. Although this is a video game, it could very well have an influence on a weak mind. Someone who plans on doing so but hasn't yet had the inspiration until now.

I'm calling it now, "Depressed teen goes on a killing spree in airport!".

All this could be just a publicity stunt. You know, "cause controversy in oder to gain free media airtime".

Cold 20003134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

"Very bad. I can picture the kids on xboxlive enjoying the killing spree of innocent bystanders"

Yeah because it doesnt happen on PSN...Its the magic of Sony !


the media will always find something to moan about "oh no my kid stuck semtex to our cat all becuase of MW2!!!" last year it was GTA and Mass Effect and no doubt this'll be the new one.

SRU96003134d ago

This constant (and phony, I might add) outrage over every little thing that Infinity Ward does is getting old, everybody.

FYI, some of us can see right through it. ;)

Winter47th3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

It can't be that bad, god, people these days, they complain about everything.
*Sees video*
Holy sh!t that's bad.

I know it's a VG and all, but if Bioshock's any indication, some of us like to play with their moral lamp turned on. Shooting at another soldier's one thing, but butchering civilians like that, ain't cool. A cutscene would've sufficed.

I like how that guy uploaded his video on some Chinese website to avoid deletion.

3134d ago
SL1M DADDY3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Bobby - "Come on guys (Infinity Ward), you have got to toss in some killing of innocents"

IW - "But Bobby, that chit won't go over with the public"

Bobby - "Screw the public, they don't know what they want"

IW - "I think you might be underestimating them Bob"

Bobby - "Terrorism sells, now blow up some planes you insolent fools!"

socomnick3134d ago

I hope the news picks it up, and it causes a huge outrage, with boycotts, and eventually the end of Activision :).

Fox news will love this.

Sarcasm3134d ago

"Yeah because it doesnt happen on PSN...Its the magic of Sony ! "

Wow, what a rare moment. I actually agree with Cold 2000 only because the video looks to be from the PS3 version.

SL1M DADDY3134d ago

heck, I'm on the PSN and you all know me well enough to know I am a little on the sick side of things.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I assume this is the next level up from playing as the deposed president at the beginning of the first game. Dont really have a problem with it, no worse than killing innocents in GTA.

Commentary is quite funny though.

sack_boi3134d ago

Nope Slim and Cold, you guys are wrong, PSN is perfect.
It has dedicated servers for every game, never lags, only adults use it (unlike XBL which is full of kids and sexual predators).
You get what you pay for.


Timesplitter143134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

"Modern Warfare 2 hasn't had a perfect run-up to retail especially with the Infamy trailer showing the war coming to the United States."

I can see how this one is going way too far for some people, but who the f*ck was complaining about the war coming to the US?

Then again, haven't we all done this before in GTA? Killing random people in the streets? It wasn't the game's main goal, but we've done it anyway, right? Don't try to get away with "but now it's different...". You shot innocents in another game and you know it. It's also important to consider how it's gonna be implemented into the game. I personally always thought it would be a good idea to provoke and shock people in games or movies. To make them experience something they don't want or don't expect to see. It sends a powerful message if done well.

This is one of the reasons why movies like Clockwork Orange or Apocalypse Now are masterpieces. Sure we could see America saving the day again, but would we learn anything?

But I also don't give a damn about MW2 and I doubt it will be made in a clever way.

kalebgray923134d ago

you will see a white kid shooting up his school on the news.... his reason.... he saw it on a video game.... some kids out there are just stupid... kids have done it after playing gta.... now they will do it in a fps

beardpapa3134d ago

Like how the saying went several years ago, "Pink is the new Black."

MW2 is the new GTA.

mal_tez923134d ago

Video games don't affect people's abiltiy to make decisions, it' saying things like that that get video ganmes banned in Australia.

Lykon3133d ago

i'd love to shoot americans for a change, and kids and puppies, id like there to be no censorship at all, and to do the hell what i like in a GAME, and see the guts spilling and realistic agonised screams and everything. excuse me but the world is becomming more violent and horrible every month and it is not video gamers that are making it that way. id love to be able to slice the skin off of jack thompson layer by layer with him screaming threats to sue and realistic graphical poo coming out of his pants. id like to see gratuitous virtual sex , i'd like to play a game about 9/11 which offends loads of people. id dearly love to be able to impale that awful rapper fiddy cent on a large spike and burn him alive. sigh. it aint gonna happen sadly. but all these fantasies are far less nasty than what goes on in real life. xxx

MazzingerZ3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

You're not in control...I'm not getting the game anyway, I have Demon's SOuls, Uncharted 2 and Ratchet and Clank to play and thank god for that! not everybody cares about good guys vs terrorists

they should show/leak more Multiplayer gameplay, that's what people cares about not SP

ps. IS this a PC "leaked" version? there it goes, that's why no dedicated servers, Pirates can't have everything

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whothedog3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I can see how this could be a problem, but it is just a video game.

osamabinladen3134d ago

btw we sponsored this one, we to need some money plz buy the game we looking forward to your supports,

Solans Scott3134d ago

This is why the game is rated 'M' for mature. Infinity Ward is giving gamers a chance to experience the battle/war from the perspective of both parties and I applaud them for that.

Elven63134d ago

In an airport? There really is no logically reason for that too happen. If anything, civilians should play a role in other levels, like ones where you have to fight in a town, city, etc.

Also, the Call of Duty series is the last series that should consider itself "respecting" anything. For crying out loud, you Rambo your way through the games 95% of the time!

mrv3213134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Oh no not a game depictiing war on American soil, that is awfully for Americans to have the choice to play a hypothetical war, people in Afganistan are sure are feeling sorry for you.

No offence but your country hasn't really suffered, you've stayed pretty damn isolated when it comes to war. War is hell, you've have conflicts but your country hasn't been invaded or bombed(heavily) in 100's of year.

This isn't even real.

EDIT: I think this has gone too far, killing innocent civillians I mean. Maybe IW truly want to know they can do pretty much anything.

After being pointed out by someone who actually is let's just say more rational I realise how stupid my comment is. I do have sympathy for 9/11 victims, but I don't believe complaining about a hypothetical war in a video game is anyway right. Please check my comment below, I explained this comment better. I am not editing because the guy below is right, this comment is stupid.

DEADEND3134d ago

Now man up get on a plan and fly to someones home who either lost some one in 9/11 or in combat and tell that to there face. I dear you, you must feel so full of yourself right now because you can say anything without have to face some one since it's over the internet, I have lost some one in combat and I know people who have lost their love ones in 9/11, you need to shut your mouth and grow up because i bet you have never seen combat or lost anyone. because if you did you wouldn't comment the way you just did idiot.

snipermk03134d ago

How about you improve your English first? Hmmmm?

mrv3213134d ago

I have sympathy for all those lost in 9/11 i really do. It's was something horrific, and I will fully understand any hatred directed at me.

My comment did look stupid, I guess my argument wasn't put forward how it should have. I will not edit or change it, because well your right.

I am not saying America hasn't suffered, the depression. But during times of war your country haven't been actively enduring, you have remained isolated. I am not one of those morons who will ever condone 9/11 it was horrible, luckily I or one of my family members where effected but I do have sympathy for all those who lost a loved one, believe me or not I don't care because I know how I feel.

I haven't been in combat or really lost anyone but I do feel complaining about a hypothetical war in a video game is a bit unjustifiable. My comment was out of order, I admit that. But your reply hasn't changed how I feel which is that you shouldn't complain about a hypothetical war in a video game, when you have far more important things.

1. Getting us out of depression
2. Getting your soldiers out of Iraq and Afganistan.
3. The green agenda and more spefically focus on Affrica and not forcing unefficent green energy solutions on a economi that really needs growing.

I will say this, my comment was stupid, unexplained and so wrong.

kingdavid3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )


In a way I can see what kind of point you're making.

When a game is set in say iraq like the first MW was, there were no real complaints.

Now in MW2 that they see there is war in america, the American media is up in arms. Its actually quite disgusting how contracdictory it is.

The whole thing is just silly. Its just fiction.

mrv3213134d ago

I agree, I see little or no coverage on the Iraq or Afganistan war from the side of the civillians, they recieve little media coverage, only a mention

'2 Soldiers where killed in a market suicide bomber attack.'

Those soldiers live are important and will be deerly missed by the lack of coverage of the other side is digusting.

dragon823134d ago

I totally see your point. The media/gamers seem to be outraged over a fictional war being set in the USA but don't think twice about it when they are set in different countries. They are the exact same thing with the exact same implications towards the people who actually live in those countries. The truth of it is our children do not have to worry about walking out their front door and walking into combat like in some other countries. As a country we tend to think it is all about us and sometimes forget about the millions of innocent victims in other countries during times of war. You also have to look at movies. Would there be such an outrage over this type of thing in a movie. Video games are essentially the same thing as movies. They are a form of entertainment and nothing more.

3134d ago
BlackTar1873134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Way to link to a conspirators website. Anything you ahev to prove it was a conspiracy's there a hundreds saying the opposite. its so funny that we as american will admit we know less then 2% of the truth but be damned have enough info to despel a conspiracy lol. Grow up. I bet you use the steel melting as part of your argument.

But steel melts at 2x the heat f jet fuel burning which is correct but read below for your answer

you have no definitive proof and the proof you have is very opnionentad and skewed. the fact that you write that is a disrespect to the men and woman fighting the war and i have a bunch of family and friends over there. So until you can prove it in a way that is not easily disproved and use 100% fact instead of point of view or here say evidence do not disrespect the people that are fighting over there. and you say im not but you are when you say its a fake war or a war built on lies its disrespectful. Why was Michael Moore disproved on all his theory within weeks of the movie. Ohh but the government set that up and your falling for it lol it works both ways you must look both ways to cross the street and conspirators tend to only highlight stuff that is 10% of the entire solution or issue.

Just some blurbs
" Now, we could get into some of the specific claims that the truthers make. For example, there's the claim that, "the fire in the WTC wasn't hot enough to melt steel." That was true initially (although it became hot enough after the buildings fell and the fires burned on under the rubble), but steel begins to lose its strength at 400 degrees Celsius and at 980 degrees Celsius, only a small fraction of its strength remains. The damage to the buildings' structural supports and the weakened steel caused by the fire brought down both the Twin Towers and World Trade Center Building 7. If you want to see that kind of point by point analysis, Popular Mechanics, which was mentioned above, has a whole book filled with it."

" So in other words, to believe in many of these kooky conspiracy theories, you have to believe that tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of Republicans, Democrats, Independents, politicians, bureaucrats, journalists, FBI agents, and CIA agents all know about an incredibly complex, monstrous plot against the United States, and are keeping their lips sealed while Charlie Sheen, Rosie O'Donnell, and the fruit loops who think Bush is a puppet of the Freemasons have figured it all out.

For example, look at it like this: if you believe that a truck bomb hit the Pentagon and the government covered it up, you're in effect saying that you believe Bush, his cabinet, the FBI, and/or CIA (who would have executed it), the eye witnesses, the rescue workers on the scene, people who work in the Pentagon, the newspapers that investigated it, Osama Bin Laden (who took credit for the attacks), and numerous other people all know that a truck bomb hit the Pentagon and are choosing to remain silent about it. "

I have nothing against you man just open your eyes i beleive in conspiracy 2 but i also believe you look hard enough and believe enough you will find what your looking for skewed or not truth or not you will find it.

That video lol I mean come on man keep it to yourself.

You refer to these men in caves as if painting a picture that they are cavemen who just learned to make fire. TIs that kind of wording that kinda fills out your intentions in the topic of conspiracy some men in caves the way you say that and i read it from you makes me think your the man in the cave and your the one who just learned how to harness fire. THat was the dumbest thing ever you know because they hide in caves they cant be smart,vindictive, etc. or on the other end smart good people. this is not a rant against anyone i believe in 100% human equality and think no man is any less because of there religion beliefs or color. thats how i was raised and thats how i will raise my kids.

Try and sound less condescending next ime you make statements about people. and i will try myself

jellybalboa3133d ago

wow you get to kill americans, this will be a day 1 buy for bin laden!

Highwayman3133d ago


"War is hell, you've have conflicts but your country hasn't been invaded or bombed(heavily) in 100's of year."

The U.S. is 233 years old, if my math is correct. I believe it is.
So your comment isn't correct. The last time the U.S. was invaded was during WW II by the Japanese.

We were invaded by the English in 1812 known as the "second American Revolution" often. And of course the U.S. was forged through fire and steel, blood, sweat,and tears during The Revoluionary War. Not to mention the Civil war. This country has seen it's fair share of war within its borders.

There are of course other conflicts that occurred in the States, along her borders..But with these examples of History above you'll get the gist of it.

Oh, and we were bombed heavily at Pearl Harbor.

Lykon3133d ago

There are no good guys and bad guys in war, and i'm sick of american pride and nationalism. America does get involved in conflicts if it affects oil or national security etc, but they have never been involved in a world war , except a little bit at the end of ww2 when it started to affect them. and now they think they are policing the world. god help us, seriously.and before anyone starts i have friends who were deeply affected by 9/11 who still go to the bathroom in thier pants at any loud bangs.

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