Pocket Gamer: NBA Live iPhone review

NBA Live has been around for a while now, but like the Oklahoma City Thunder a new home makes for a totally different ball game.

The series's App Store arrival comes with easy-going gameplay and straightforward touch controls tailored for accessibility. It's a solid foundation for what amounts to a young game, though one that lacks the sophistication to be an all-star.

All 30 NBA teams are here and warmed up for play across three modes: Exhibition, Season, and Playoffs. Right off the bat, the game fouls by not including any sort of multiplayer. Online play would have been our wish, though at the very least local wi-fi and peer-to-peer Bluetooth games ought to have been supported.

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Hobgoblin3332d ago

Can't say I'm all that bothered about basketball, but this looks like its got some real quality behind it. Good review.