The Nintendo's core worried, can Red Steel 2 help?

Nintendo Dpad writes:
"Many third parties this generation just are not hitting the target with their core games. Many are changing genres and core mechanics to satisfy the casual audience who might buy the game. Most third person shooters are going on-rails, sports games are getting "stylized", and ports -although getting better- are still ports. Sales are starting to show that Wii owners are getting sick of it, but can Red Steel 2 change this?"

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ndpad3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Red Steel 2 just needs to correct where others have failed. Why more third parties haven't done this is the question.

FarEastOrient3339d ago

Well even if a game was made from the ground up for the Wii, the install base is not doing their job in buying great games. They are spending more money on Wii Sports and Wii Fit than on games like Mad World, Goo, Muramasa, Red Steel, Dead Space: Extraction, and even Metroid 3. The same goes for DSi, more people spend money on Pokemon than on GTA: Chinatown, The Day Ends with You, Kingdom Hearts, and Professor Layton.

I'm going by sales figures since the article fails to mention that with such a huge install base, the question should be; Is the Wii failing to sell hardcore games instead of the other way around of developers making hardcore games.

Square Enix has made more games on the DSi and Wii combined than any other brand (Playstation & Xbox) this generation and yet those sales are pale in comparison to games released on other platforms.

Where is the money?

ndpad3339d ago

Your first problem is going by sales figures. You should be looking at profit.

You don't find it odd how Nintendo first party games not only sell the most, but keep their value the longest with no price-cuts and high trade in value?

To get Nintendo first party sales you must, as EA's John Riccitiello once said "rival Nintendo on their own platform"

Are third parties really doing this?

SpoonyRedMage3339d ago

FarEastOrient you may be right about the Wii but not the DSi. You should know the sales figures of Dragon Quest IX. It's sold over four million and is expected to do five million by the end of the fiscal year. Which means it will outsell both the Playstation Dragon Quest entries(it's already passed VIII in Japan). You can compare it to Pokémon but Pokémon outsells nearly everything, no game on the PSP has matched Pokémon numbers.

Also Professor Layton has sold a couple of million and happens to be Level 5's best selling franchise.

The one thing Ubisoft need to do for Red Steel 2 is advertise it, which I doubt they will do. I'll be picking up the game anyway.

But just to address the title, I'm not worried, there's plenty of good games coming in the near future.

callahan093339d ago

I actually just recently played The Conduit, and funny enough, I didn't even like it as much as the first Red Steel. I expected to really like the Conduit, but it was kind of lackluster. The level design was just really poor. Very generic and empty with repeating corridors over and over. There were some really awesome weapons, though. But the game had some serious design flaws. I'd give it like a 6 or so.

Seferoth753339d ago

FarEastOrient, The biggest problem with your opinion is it is based off of a lack of knowledge of how gaming has worked... You act as if install base matters. You do understand that with 100 million consoles God of War 2 only wold to 2% of PS2 owners? Or that Rugrats for PS2 outsold God of War 2? Of course you don't know that, but its a perfect example of why you are wrong...

I also love how you pull up million sellers and call them failures... Anyone can spin sh!t. Hey more people bought Wii fit than bought a PS3 console. Guess Sony is letting the hardcore down right?

Then you actually want to bring Square up and act like they've offered nothing but AAA must own with a DS por on Wii and a Choco dungeon game.....Do you even own a Wii or play Wii games? No of course not. You just name off 1 5 hour black and white game that PS3 owners wouldnt support either and a Rail shooter in a long line of Rail shooters and act like Both should be selling 20 million copies because you some how think that is how console gaming works. It doesnt and it never has.

You do know the best selling PS2 game as only 15 or so million out of 140 million consoles right? Look before you post any more BS you made up. Take an hour or so to look into what you are talking about.

You'll fit in good with the idiots of this site, but they'll be the only ones to take you seriously when anyone who tracks sales and games can see you are clueless...

BTW DQ9 is otw to 5 million in sales,, So much for that point too...All that text and not a valid point to be found because you cant be bothered to get a clue.

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Yoshiii3339d ago

I do not think red steel 2 will have a big sales hope not though will love the sword fighting in it

ndpad3339d ago

The sword fighting will be nice, although I hope the mechanic doesn't get too repetitive.

Yoshiii3339d ago

Yea no more heroes was that way for me

Christopher_Walken3339d ago

My friend is a huge Nintendo fan but he's disappointed with this generation thus far. He still wants to know where the next Star Fox is ahahaha.

n4f3339d ago

this gen suck. people say nintendo. its not only nintendo its everything but seriously this gen suck. the generations before that was way cooler.

Goomba123339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Couldn't agree more.

kratos1233339d ago

please correct yourself
this gen sucks fore wii owners only
but fore my im having a blast with my ps3 and i bet the 360 people 2
so dont speak fore others if you made the wrong choice of getten the wrong gaming console

Goomba123339d ago

Don't know about the guy above me, but I am a multiple console owner and I still say this generation sucks. I had way more fun in previous generations.

MEsoJD3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I'm loving this generation more than the last. I'm playing on pc and ps3.

Couldn't be happier. Games are getting better, but not on the wii : p

n4f3339d ago

i have a 360 wii and ps3 AND have game on pc. what am i playing? game cube. some ps2. some ps1 classic. a little bit of snes or sonic and knuckle.
yes there is some gems like batman:aa but having like 1 game a month and claim to have the best line up ever is wack.
plus now when you play a game , its so easy and if you press start the game is over. and people are really proud for paying 60-70+tx for this

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EvilTwin3339d ago

Silent Hill, FF:CC, NSMB and the COD4 port make for a stacked end-of-the-year lineup on Wii.

In addition to RS2, we'll get Other M, NMH2, Galaxy 2, Sin and Punishment 2, Gladiator A.D. and Grinder next year...and that's just the stuff we already know about.

If you're a core Wii owner, now is a good time.

As for RS2, it looks good so far. Ubi could still screw it up, but it's good that they're taking their time with it.

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