Epic releases fifth Gears 2 Title Update

Title Update 5 went live for Epic Games' Gears of War 2 today, bringing with it a host of fixes that target everything from the Roadie-Run camera, to sticky-walk, the Tac/Com, Horde mode EXP, and more.

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Feral Gamer3308d ago

Aka, Epic releases fifth Gears 2 PATCH.

Why not call it a patch? Maybe it's cause "patch" sound bad because it means you released a broken product?

It's like calling a garbage man a "sanitation specialist" or something.

dragunrising3308d ago

I've tried to get into Gears 2 multi...maybe this "patch" will make me play it again. Probably not...Uncharted 2's got my full attention right now.

mrv3213308d ago

Gears of War 2 was pretty buggy months after launch, which is a shame because it was fun.

StanLee3308d ago

I still play Gears 2 online. I'm glad Epic has continued to update the game and the playlists. So many people still play the game. I think it's consistently the 4 most played game over XBL. Annex, Wingman, King of the Hill and Horde on Map packs are my favorite modes.

Qui-Gon Jim3308d ago

The word "patch" implies a fix, while "title update" implies a simple improvement. Patches are good, don't run from the name. Nobody can predict all the issues that will come up in an online game, so patches exist to FIX them when they do.

TotalPS3Fanboy3308d ago

5th one coming in now. How many more Epic? That is some bad programming. Will Gears 2 ever be fixed? They might even have to abandon this Gears 2's sloppy codebase and built Gears 3 from the ground up.

i3eyond the Circle3308d ago

World of Warcraft has had plenty of patches that fix things.

Does that mean they released a broken game?

People I swear lol

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xLOADEDxBULLETx3308d ago

yeah, i know Gears 2 has a ton of problems, but once you get used to it, its not that bad...

theEnemy3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Not trying anything here but is that how you justify your purchase of a buggy game (Not for gears 2 alone) ?

get used to it's bugs/glitch/errors ?

I've quit MGO because it became a glitchfest especially during Survival events. I didn't get used to it, I had enough of it.

Devs are the one getting used to consumers tolerating their mistakes. That's why some devs are still making and releasing broken games.

corneliuscrust3308d ago

10s of thousands of gears players still have a blast. I wouldn't even have known about most of the "bugs" if they werent exasperated on the internet

timestoby3308d ago

lol,that game been patcht since it was released


After the 4th update there were still major problems, how many updates they going to have to make the multiplayer at least mediocre.

cpuchess3308d ago

I wish they would make the bots smarter or so they wouldn't kill themselves with the boomshot and torque bow all the time.

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