Getting to know.. Andres Bordeu (TVGB)

TVGB: "In the hectic world of videogame marketing, there is rarely time to just stop and get to know exactly who we're talking about. Sure, we know what products are being made, but exactly by whom? We here at TVGB have set out to correct that error, for without the people behind the games there would be no games at all. To that end, we proudly introduce the first installment of "Getting to know..," an ongoing effort to learn a bit about those who provide content for our gaming pleasure. For this inaugural edition, we connected with Andres Bordeu, the co-founder of Chilean-based developer ACE Team who is best known for Zeno Clash, the PC first-person brawler that will be appearing on Xbox LIVE next year, and who is currently working on a sequel."

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