The Low Down on Dead Rising 2 - Resume Play

Resume Play - Stephen Rosenberg writes "After a huge success from the game, Capcom gave the green light to develop a second game due out for the first quarter of 2010. I'm sure most gamers can expect another repetitive survival hack-and-slash sequel, but after digging into some research, I've gathered some great insight on what Capcom is going to give us to keep us hooked on the Dead Rising franchise."

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X_iGame_X2973d ago

Dead raising 2 is ownage, looks so sweet.

Baross20252973d ago

Capcom certainly is good at making zombies invade innocent cities with a few survivors who are able to kill droves of them.

CheatsMcGee2973d ago

I'm curious if it's going to be as brutally difficult as the first game...where they expect you to die several times in the beginning. Yeesh.

SRosenberg2973d ago

I don't know. I just can't get too far into Dead Rising without feeling like its a snooze fest.

mau642973d ago

I agree, I hope this fixes some of the problems with the first