MacFarlane Special Loses Microsoft

Variety writes: "Microsoft has yanked its sponsorship from Fox's upcoming Seth MacFarlane comedy/variety special over content concerns. Fox still plans to air "Family Guy Presents: Seth and Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show" on Nov. 8, but with another, yet-to-be-named, sponsor.

Almost Live Comedy Show was announced earlier this month as part of a major marketing partnership Microsoft had sealed with a wide range of News Corp. properties to promote the launch of the computer giant's Windows 7 operating system. But that was before Microsoft execs attended the special's taping Oct. 16. The program included MacFarlane and Alex Borstein -- the voice of Family Guy matriarch Lois -- pitching Windows 7.

For most of the special, however, MacFarlane and Borstein made typical Family Guy-style jokes, including riffs on deaf people, the Holocaust, feminine hygiene and incest. Such material was apparently a bit much for Microsoft."

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edwineverready3308d ago

What did you expect it's Family guy. DUUUH

badz1493308d ago

I don't think they can condone this one either, considering the release of Zune HD!

SL1M DADDY3307d ago

Instead of standing on raw talent, people stand on shock and awe and in my opinion, they are losers. If you want to watch stage full of no-talent idiots mocking sensetive issues then have fun but I will be doing something more constructive, like pulling nose hairs or giving my cat a bath.

Panthers3307d ago

Family Guy never shocks me and even if it did, I dont find shocking things funny. Family Guys is just hilarious. I love it. And I see that as talent.

madpuppy3307d ago

You are starting to sound like a Simpson's fan...


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alphakennybody3308d ago

I wonder why the cancelled futurama for this garbage, Family guy isn't funny art all. This is how I see it during meeting for an episode; they pick random words from a hat then use em to make an episode. I've never seen a show relying so much on those random scenes to keep it alive.

Corepred43308d ago

i don't know what your talking about. i think both futurama and family guy are hilarious.

akaFullMetal3308d ago

futurama is coming back, a new season is going to be aired on comedy central, with the original voices.

TheBand1t3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

A better question: Why the hell did Fox cancel King of the Hill for more Seth MacFarlane garbage? FU Cleveland Show.e

kalebgray923308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

but king of the hill sucked dude ... so does the Cleveland show..... the boondocks is the funniest animated show out there

ReservoirDog3163308d ago

Nothing will ever top The Simpsons.

Seasons 1-10 are better than Family Guy could ever hope to be.

Plus, Family Guy's a little preachy sometimes. Kinda annoying.

XxZxX3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Mcfarlane Joke's are pretty adult based and you have to know what happening to catch the jokes. It's sarcastic around today news and cultures. You have to be well informed to catch it.

King of the hills on the other hand is just poking fun on redneck cultures, and that's about it. It can grow pretty old fast, how much fun you can poke off rednecks.

cyberwaffles3308d ago

the simpsons and futurama kill ANYTHING macfarlane has ever materialized. none of his jokes are witty or special. they're always out of context with their dumb flashbacks, which is just a cheap way to employ a hopefully decent joke into the script, but it deviates from the story. it's nothing but shock value, just like how most of the hits off this site is flamebait articles.

whenever macfarlane can create a good show that doesn't have the same carbon-copy family templates (dad, mom, son, daughter, talking animal, homosexual comedic relief, etc), can stay on topic with the premise of the episode, and actually make a joke that is genuinely funny and not some random chicken beating or whatever, maybe then he'll be a respectable writer. until then, i'm probably going to only laugh once in a blue moon for his shows.

can not wait for the new futurama season. that show had me in tears.

and king of the hill eventually grew on me. it's a more laid back comedy that some of you younger people wouldn't have the attention span to understand.

Sarcasm3308d ago

Wow some of you guys are way too serious. Family Guy is the epitome of "Stop being so uptight" and I find it hilarious. At the same time I can enjoy The Simpsons and other shows too.

Black Maverick3307d ago

"Mcfarlane Joke's are pretty adult based and you have to know what happening to catch the jokes. It's sarcastic around today news and cultures. You have to be well informed to catch it.

King of the hills on the other hand is just poking fun on redneck cultures, and that's about it. It can grow pretty old fast, how much fun you can poke off rednecks."

Wow. I laughed hard at that comment. Family guy is the epitome of childish humor. Shows like King of the Hill and Futurama actually use wit and coherent plotlines to make jokes. Family Guy is the Dane Cook of animated shows using random crap, rehashing ideas, and using popularity as a substitute for being funny.

Family Guy seasons 1 and 2 were golden. Absolutely funny and deserved the critical acclaim. Everything since has been going downhill spiral of crap and it's sad because I used to enjoy the show. MacFarlane has shown he's just a one trick pony and I see no signs that this special will be any different.

frostypants3307d ago

Family Guy goes over a lot of peoples' heads. Which is good, because the people that don't get it are part of the punchline. They even suckered in the South Park creators.

Jokes and humor have multiple levels. Many people simply can't get beyond the most superficial aspects of a joke. Family Guy plays on this constantly.

Maddens Raiders3307d ago

your comment is dead on center.

BLuKhaos3307d ago

Am I weird for liking Futurama, King Of The Hill, Family Guy, The Simpsons, and South Park?

Arnon3307d ago

MacFarlane's old Family Guy was gold. This new stuff is mostly filler crap where you see a kid dancing or laughing for 5 minutes. Then he has shows like American Dad (Where he even stated that this show would probably be crap) and The Cleveland Show which is a direct replica Family Guy. The man honestly hasn't made anything good in a long time.

Futurama and King of The Hill had a much more structured experience and ultimately were a lot more original. Again, I'm referring to his later work with Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show.

Of course, you have one of those rare occasions now where you actually do more than just smile while watching the show.

Seven_ate_Nine3307d ago

Family Guy used to be one of most favorite shows. I loved how they would have those random flashbacks that actually had some relation to what's going on with the episode. But the newer episodes are garbage, in my opinion. When they take up more than five minutes of my time to look at a motionless tape player of Peter conversing with some lesser known celebrity or have Conway Twitty go up and play an entire song, I get annoyed.

In the ealier seasons, Peter was stupid but he had clever moments. Now they portray him as an eight year old with down syndrome in an adult's body.

BabyStomper50003307d ago

The Venture Brothers owns all those shows :)

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Gandalf3308d ago

Not the first time I've seen "loses" and "Microsoft" in the same sentence.....

Theoneneo813308d ago

lmao MS just isnt the same after losing netflix to PS3 aww to soon?

BXbomber3308d ago

lmaoo dude that was funny and its actually true. M$ can't seem to hold on to anything these days after they lost netflicks to sony lol

Pirateogta3307d ago

Sony still isn't the same after losing the MGS franchise, the Final Fantasy franchise, and 1st place from the PS2 era.

Theoneneo813307d ago

ok first of Rising is not even being 100 percent done by Kojima its more of a spin off by other devs Second we still have FF XIII VS which everyone is saying is a better improvment of XIII so try something else.

NMC20073308d ago

The Simpsons is trash now, has been for about 2 seasons, they may have sprinkles of good eps over those 2 seasons but mostly garbage.

singhjeet293308d ago

Simpsons has been trash since the people who grew up with Simpsons grew up, where as Simpsons itself hasn't, macfarlane was smart for using more adult based humour to show all these people that Simpsons was out dated and provide the demographic with a good solid amount of laughs ...
both can coexist peacefully ... its like the HD consoles and the Wii ...

slave2Dcontroller3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Whhhhat'd you do nooooow NMC? LMAO! Thanks for the Last Tab and Ratchet & Clank;TOD BTW XD

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