Borderlands trade system may change if people want it to

Gearbox Studios isn't opposed to changing the way people exchange loot in the fascinating RPS, Borderlands. The catch is that the crew behind the game will move in whatever direction the community wants to in the future -- not now.

"We were pretty careful there," Gearbox's Mikey Neumann said in a recent interview when asked if trade in the game would be expanded. "We wanted free-for-all looting for now. Then we'll look at what the community really latches on to or wants, and we'll move in that direction."

Neumann hasn't encountered a problem with loot-whoring like some complaining about the free-for-all, simply-drop system have been. If there's a dispute, Neumann says he settles it via duels with a hearty helping of the honor system afterward.

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RememberThe3573339d ago

don't play with someone who steals your sh!t.

I'm loving this game right now BTW.

FantasyStar3339d ago

Yup, I only play with my local friends and sharing loot isn't a problem between us.

Hellsvacancy3339d ago

Any1 got this 4 the Ps3? ive got no1 2do co-co with :-(

Calvin_ISA3339d ago

I will sometime soon, Hellsvacancy. I'd love to play some co-co as soon as I get it (money is tight, too many good games) and if you aren't one of those thieving d-bags (I don't think you are). Haha.

aftrdark213338d ago

Should have it in a few days. Can't wait to try out the co-op!

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El_Colombiano3339d ago

I take all the weapons in this game and leave my brother with nothing haha. But then I drop what I don't want then he gets it soooo

INehalemEXI3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

oh joy, ninja'd poop lewtz! I got to get this game.

Myst3339d ago

Yeah I've run across a few people who will take all the items and leave nothing behind, so I've pretty much moved to private games for the most part and will join public games only to help every now and again.

TheFlyingPenguin3339d ago

cant wait for my copy to unlock on steam this friday XD

Ace Killa 083339d ago

when i pick up class mods i trade those for guns :)

this game is good only if we can get a compare weapons option with other teammates

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The story is too old to be commented.