Scariest Games to Play this Halloween

Why see a horror movie when you can be in the scary story yourself? That's the great thing about horror videogames; instead of watching someone else in peril, you're the one peeking around the corner with the flashlight. You're the one hearing gurgling echoes. You're the one in danger of being eaten by the undead. If your heart can bear it, these are the latest, scariest games you can be playing for Halloween. Trick or treat!

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GLoRyKnoT3132d ago

Silent Hill 1-2or3 (in-da-dark)

dafonz3132d ago

I agree, however this list is more current games to check out for this halloween.

Darkstorn3132d ago

Crap list. They need Silent Hill and Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. You can't call yourself a horror game fan without playing Call of Cthulhu...

Noctis Aftermath3132d ago

It's not on the list but on my first run through of demon's souls there were several cases where i had the crap scared out of me as i didn't want to die, now on my second play through it's not really scary but i am loving it just as much.

mikeslemonade3132d ago

These are newer games. The scariest game ever is Fatal Frame 1.

Sarcasm3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Forza 3, some scary physics

MEsoJD3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

non the games on that site are scary.

Play silent hill 2 and 3 in the dark.

Oh and if you have a PC get Call of Cathulu very obscure.


lol theres alote great atmospheric levels in demons souls but I think

the scariest thing about the game is the many ways you can lose all

your souls.

Bonsai12143131d ago

failed list. needs more fatal frame.

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LordMarius3132d ago

For Halloween Im going to buy a 360 and play it all day, that way I will always be in fear of it succumbing to RROD

chrisulloa3132d ago

I'm going to buy a PS3 and I'll be in fear of not being able to find more than 1 good exclusive.

danthegardner3132d ago

Don't be afraid, there are plenty of good exclusives to play on ps3.

chrisulloa3132d ago

There's only one worth playing. All the rest are bland rip-offs. I get the chills just thinking about it.

kydrice3132d ago

Because microsoft is the epitome of originality am i rite? stupid doom1 and 2 they copied Halo! screw those bastarads YEAAAHR!!

PopEmUp3132d ago

hes just a kid who happen to start gaming this gen

chrisulloa3131d ago

LOL all you could think of is Halo. Really, Halo is one of the most original games this decade.

stb3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

If halo is the most original game for you, than FIFA win this competition .lol halo has to be call, frylo cus it has too many version and sequels than who know if there is one for cell lol. kinda like ffvii.

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chrisulloa3132d ago

They need STALKER in here, that game is scary.

Chaos Striker3132d ago

I think Dead Space and Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly would make a list of all time scary games for Halloween.

rockleex3132d ago

Silent Hill 1&2 and Fatal Frame are though.

Sarcasm3132d ago

"Dead Space isn't scary."

It is if you have a surround sound setup. Crank that baby up to -20db and prepare to be immersed.

Then again, something like Fatal Frame could be played mute on a 14" screen and I'd still be scared LMAO

ReservoirDog3163132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

The first dungeon in Zelda Twilight Princess for me. I really hate spiders and well, those ones just scare me.

I have no idea how I got through those ones.

edit: Still a good game. But I'm not looking forward for an HD Zelda anytime soon.

Sarcasm3132d ago

"The first dungeon in Zelda Twilight Princess for me."

LMAO I'm choking on my Soda from laughing.

I know you're probably serious, but for some reason that just seemed funny to me.

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