Another Haze Ubidays Gameplay Video

Another cam video from Ubisoft's Haze. This is from Ubidays and shows more stuff about game HUD and mechanics.

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nebpredude843856d ago

nice looks nice......

MetalProxy3856d ago

I will be one of the few that buys the game. Give me some honey please.

SIX3856d ago

If it continues this way. I'm sure that more than a few people will pick up this game.

shysun3856d ago

For sure..hell this might be the best FPS on PS3 until HL2:ep2!I'm there dude...I'm there.

MK_Red3856d ago

I really hope its at least as good as Timesplitters. Good to know that PS3 has something when Halo3 is coming. The vid is kool but I was hoping for better graphics.

CrazzyMan3856d ago

and they still have half a year. =)
it`s going to be a good multiplayer game.

graphics, yeah, looks good, but don`t forget, that they were making Haze with mind, that they will have to port it on x360/pc. If haze would be a ps3 exclusive game, not just having ps3 as leading platform, then yeah, it would look even better. =)

anyway, it looks like will be a must have game. :)

p.s. btw, when air units were coming, the palms were mooving because of wind, nice physics. =)

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