Amazon $40 credit deal for video games

Infatuated Gamer: Amazon is offering $40 worth of credits towards a future Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 game for consumers who are spending at least $80 worth of titles on their selected list.

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HDgamer3333d ago

I'm sold on this idea. Hopefully gamestop will wake up.

walken73333d ago

I got five bucks credit for pre-ordering uncharted 2.

Milkman5413333d ago

I see no chance of gamestop offering anytype of deal like this, but this is awesome for gamers...We got Best Buy doing the buy 2 get 1 free (repped) and now amazon offering $40 videogame gift card once you buy $80 worth of videogames...Plus we got Wal-Mart and Amazon battling it out for COD:MW 2 Pre-Orders...Gamers win everywhere...and with so many great titles coming out this time of the year, you couldn't ask for better! Keep it up retailers!

Limited_Vertigo3333d ago

I hate just about everything Gamestop has to offer. Their prices are always the highest. Their game trade in policy is extremely in their favor. The workers there seldom seem interested in helping or having knowledge about games. It's a shame the average consumer doesn't research more before making purchases locally since a better deal is often found online or anywhere nearby that isn't a Gamestop.

Charlie26883333d ago

WOW this deal is spectacular specially in the PS3 section that actually has the newst titles participating!

Uncharted 2
Demon Souls

get Ninja Gainden Sigma 2 $40 off! O.O!


ABizzel13333d ago

Ninja Gaiden's Sigma 2's gameplay is better the the first, but the story is horribly scripted, and makes no kind of sense so skip the cut scenes, and make your own story. They should have upgraded the story along with everything else from the 360 version.

Sarcasm3333d ago

"but the story is horribly scripted, and makes no kind of sense so skip the cut scenes, and make your own story."

Actually I've found the story is terrible since NG Black on the Xbox. Including NGS on the PS3. IMO, the story sucks overall. But the gameplay is good enough where it becomes an after thought.

ABizzel13333d ago

NG Black/Sigma didn't have a bad story to me it was just passable. It has character development, in Alma and Rachel's relationship, and it didn't take away from the game at all.

NG2/ Sigma 2 story is just god awful.

ABizzel13333d ago

I'm glad all these places are catching on. This will hopefully give every video game retailer incentive to have sells more often giving our wallets some relief. $60 a pop puts a damper on anyone's wallet after a couple of game per month.

Limited_Vertigo3333d ago

I bought 81 dollars worth of games on Sunday night. As soon as I saw this deal was in effect I was pretty upset with myself for not waiting a day. I figured I had nothing to lose so I called up Amazon and explained that I was a frequent customer and was hoping to still get the $40 credit deal since I was only a day or so late. The woman on the phone looked up my account, saw the purchases made, and told me my account had been updated with the $40. Bestbuy and Gamestop would never show this same attitude towards their customers.

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