Gaming Union: Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter Review

Gaming Union: "Despite its valiant attempts to distinguish itself through real-time puzzle drawing and interactivity, Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter ends up being a tedious platformer. The unique selling point - actually drawing elements into the game - just doesn't shine through enough and it's a shame, because the concept is really good, but the elements that made the game great on the Nintendo DS just don't translate that well over to the Wii."

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ShawnCollier3254d ago

I dunno why they made this on the Wii, TBH. The stylus drawing was part of the charm of the original.

This just seems like a quick cash-in.

Kyll3254d ago

haha, yeah, users drawing the art saves money right? :D

Kyll3254d ago

God, that sounds like a terrible game to play drunk xD. Or maybe it'd be awesome :O. Hmm

mephman3254d ago

It probably wouldn't actually make much difference.

Kyll3254d ago

youch, strong words xD