Bayonetta's mini-skirt, white t-shirt costumes

SCRAWL: "Bayonetta flaunts herself well as it is. However, it seems that Platinum Games wanted upped her flaunt even more with what appears to be in-game changeable costumes. We only have pictures of two of them, at the moment, but they do enough."

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dgroundwater3335d ago

Who disagreed? Truer words never spoken!

rockleex3335d ago

Famitsu gave it 40/40!

Too bad the PS3 version had some frame rate problems, particularly because Platinum Games outsourced the porting job to Sega instead of doing it themselves.

A developer knows their own coding best. But who knows, maybe Platinum Games themselves didn't have the time or money to learn how to code properly for the Cell.

But learning now will pay off in the long run.

jc485733335d ago

you don't have to mention it. Please guys, time to move on.

rockleex3335d ago

Some people might not have the knowledge that the porting of the game to the PS3 didn't go that smooth.

Hell, most people have no clue that this game is being made by the same developer who created Devil May Cry.

It would be to their advantage to be as informed about the game as possible before buying it.

VINNIEPAZ3335d ago

rockleex stfu with that flame bait stuff. People just gotta turn EVERYTHING into a PS3/XBOX discussion dont they.

CrippleH3335d ago

He's got a point. PS3 version got a 38/40 because the tits and booty were 2 sizes too small.

tomsau3334d ago

It's only flamebait if people flame tbf
I didn't see any bait in there, he just voiced the truth

stb3334d ago

Delicious, want this game lol, she fighting with that outfit. would beee soo fine.

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Timesplitter143335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

It doesn't change the fact that she looks like a mix between Sarah Palin and a giant spider.

Sorry Japan but that mountain of fetishes for old perverted men is in no way attractive.

Blaze9293335d ago

hahahah yeah totally reminds me of Sarah Palin.


I'm guessing you're into women with over sized breasts, cause many of the people's here seem to have a different opinion with NGS2's 40DD sized women.

Id say the white shirt one looks ok but the other one looks nice.

Timesplitter143335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Are you implying Bayonneta doesn't have oversized breasts? I think you watched too much hentai

rockleex3335d ago

Just in case you forgot.

I think that plays a part on the way she looks.


those breasts are proportional not over sized, for her height that's perfectly fine.

they're not sagging.

Timesplitter143335d ago

They're the size of her head, and that's pretty damn big in the real world.

Also, wtf. She's like 9 feet tall. Who the hell thought this would be a good idea?

GUNS N SWORDS3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )


if she's 9ft tall then the train she boards on is for giants.

i think you can get a picture of how tall she is standing next to other people.

she's probably 5ft 8 or 9inches tall.

ReservoirDog3163335d ago

Oh my dear Lord. Is she really that tall?

And is looking like Palin a bad thing all of a sudden?

jc485733335d ago

5'9?!! I thought I was short!

7ero H3LL3335d ago

most women are a whole head shorter than men, but with bayonetta she seems to be in your face......or for some people breasts in your face :)

Rai3335d ago

lol thats the reason why I can't get hyped for this game...I hated palin

Sarcasm3335d ago

A 9foot tall women. That's a big Vag.

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Gobot3335d ago

Post-op tranny, there i said it.

VINNIEPAZ3335d ago

Your mother? Dont think we needed to know that man.

Gobot3335d ago

No, your sister, also we're getting married.

Bubble and Squeek3335d ago

... who thinks that she is more creepy then sexy?

This is no knock against the game, it looks awesome and I want to get it as soon as possible.

But yeah - there is something about her that creeps me out, uncanny valley like. I think it is because her body seems out of proportion to itself and the head.

When I first saw it I thought it was intentional, because she is a witch, and making her slightly creepy is fitting to the setting imo. But then I read about a developer saying she was his perfect woman and I thought - wtf?

Horses for courses though.

Pozzle3334d ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that. I wish I could say that Bayonetta is sexy because that is obviously what the developers are intending her to be, but in my opinion she just isn't. Her head is too small, her body is too big, and her legs and arms are way too skinny and long for the rest of her. The tshirt and shorts only emphasize it in these screenshots.