IGN: Developers Who Should Make Horror Games

As it stands, there are only a handful of developers cranking out truly frightening games (EA's Visceral) and some that seem to be moving away from the genre (Capcom). So which developers would you most like to see hop on the next train to scaresville?

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mrv3213333d ago

Naughty Dog can mae some tense moments, if you played Drakes fortune then you know what I'm on about.

If not go play it... like now.

free2game3653333d ago

The zombie parts were probably the worst part of Uncharted 1.

Whoooop3333d ago

"IMO, the zombie parts were probably the worst part of Uncharted 1."


Now IMO, the zombies was a fantastic twist.

mal_tez923333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

The only time where a twist in a game has really surprised me apart from MGS. Most other game twists I can see coming. Uncharted 2 was also quite surpising.

But I have to agree with mrv321, in that if you haven't played Uncharted 1, you should do so; RIGHT NOW!!!

As for scary games, the dark hallway scenes in Resistance 2, and the Southern Command tunnels in Fall of Man made me kind of wish that Insomniac made the entire game a horror game, they were just that good.

mrv3213333d ago

Or the conversion conter in FOM. Any level with those invisible enemies where great.

Those are example of games that are scary because most of the other game isn't scary. It's different from the usual so naturally your more scared. If you played dead space you know it's a horror, but on your first playthrough of Uncharted you where surprised. I hated the zombies, they where fantastic enemies in a fantastic level BUT they where too scary, I jumped so many times.

Relientk773333d ago

The zombie parts in Uncharted 1 added a FANTASTIC twist to the already great story, and I loved the underground level where it was drake vs. the zombies vs. the pirates .. it was crazy

but yea the zombies were annoying a bit tho, but probably in a good way, if that makes sense

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bnaked3333d ago

Naughty Dog! yes, would be awesome..

mal_tez923333d ago

Silent Hill is a perfect example of scary atmosphere. Just from playing only the demo that came with Metal Gear Solid I crapped my pants. The full and some sequels were great.

BlackIceJoe3333d ago

I would love to see what Insomniac could in that Genre. What they have done with Resistance shows that if Insomniac was to make a Horror game it could be really great.

Kojima I could see making some really cool ideas for a Horror game.

Team ICO could also really pull of the Horror Genre.

Epic Games I could also see make a really cool game.

I know I might get some hate for this but I really think Rare could make some thing really scary. If given the chance to.

Rhythmattic3333d ago

+1 for Insomniac .

R2 co-op mode can be frantic.

mal_tez923333d ago

Southern Command was awesome in R1, and so was the dark house in R2. The whole game could have been like this.

NJShadow3333d ago

Agreed, Naughty Dog would make an INCREDIBLE horror game developer. Yes, if you haven't played the original Uncharted, DO IT NOW! One of the craziest, most awesome portions of a game that I've ever played. It was wonderfully terrifying. =)

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