Half Life 2: Episode 3 (Out of sight but not out of mind?!?)

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Valve has one of the most proven and celebrated developer track records and I have no doubt that Episode 3 will be an exceptional game upon its release. But with a games market becoming more and more saturated with revolutionary and beautiful looking next generation titles, is Episode 3 just going to roll with the big boys or beat them at their own game, the way Half Life titles always have?

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mistajeff3250d ago

I've been so patient. So, so patient. Until now. I just replayed Episode 2 and.. I just CAN'T wait anymore. I'm freaking out. They need to say SOMETHING about it, ANYTHING. Or at least, something more substantial than saying they're working on sign language animations. We were sooo close to getting some answers about the G-man at the end of 2, and we were robbed of it. Those bastards. And the artwork just makes it so much worse. I wonder how much they're going to change.. I really want some new weapons. Maybe they're working the Director AI into it? I can see them doing more big battles like the end of Episode 2, but using the Director would ensure that the experience in those battles is different every time you play. I'd like to see some nice upgrades to Source.. it doesn't have to be anything astronomical, but it'd be nice to see them try to eliminate those load screens.

But this is so agonizing. I can't wait to kill my first advisor.

rawrockkillz3250d ago

Episode 3 will stand on its own.