How Long Is Too Long?

An article looking at when a game is too long for gamers to continue playing. Whilst some gamers would say that 10 hours is more than enough, other gamers complain when a title doesn't break the 60 hour mark. Also, does the addition of multiplayer in games such as Uncharted 2 or Call of Duty add to a game with a relatively short campaign mode. And so, Baxy-Z look at what, in their minds, think is the perfect length of the game. At the end of the day, is it about quality or quantity?

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madkrazygames3310d ago

I clocked in 15 hours on Uncharted 2 on hard mode, with only 30 treasures found, how is that short?

baxy-z3310d ago

Compared to games such as Fallout 3, it is short. :)

N4G king3310d ago

Fallout3 is an RPG and RPG's are usually long

but U2 is a 3rd person shooter
and compared to other 3rd person shooters it IS long

raztad3310d ago

If game allows me, my first playthrought is on Hard. That way the experience is more challenging and last longer. 16 hours for an action game is spot on but 14 is quite acceptable. However is the intensity and not the extension what really matters. You spend 60 hours in a RPG doing sidequests, grinding and leveling up, you dont need to do that in an action game.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3310d ago

Main quest in fallout didnt take long. Didnt really like the game so I didnt keep playing it after. But it depends on how good the game is and how long it can keep you interested. Uncharted is a nice length and so is COD4. But theres not much more you can do in SP than replay the story. The GTA series kept me interested. Probably played around 40 hours on the SP. And Final Fantasy X kept me very interested. 60 hour game save on that and 2 other saves which are around 20 hours each.

callahan093310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

I came in at 11:30 with 39 treasures and 850 kills / 150 deaths (more than half of those deaths were in the last 2 chapters!) when I played Uncharted 2 on Hard (my first play-through).

zeeshan3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

It should be short even if it's entertaining, you are paying $60 plus taxes and I for one, wouldn't want to pay that much for a 6 hours experience. I like long games but the story has to be very nice and the gameplay shouldn't get compromised by doing the same damn thing over and over again -- Assassins Creed anyone?

I didn't like Mass Effect that much because of it's poor technical issues but the one thing that I liked was you could end the game without having to complete every damn mission.

I LOVED Uncharted: Drake's Fortune because the story was great, the gameplay was amazing, the characters were fantastic and the duration of the game wasn't that short either.

theEnemy3310d ago

if this is a sarcasm, you might get away with it.

If not, then you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

- -

I agree to your points on your article, it all depends on the quality of the game and how consistent the game proves to be.

MP adds a huge amount of playtime if you're into it. Hell I've seen players have 400+hours in MGO.

I've finished U2 for 12 hours @ Hard, platinum'd it @ 28, it maybe short if you compare it to an RPG but that 12 hours is probably the best 12 hours I've had on a single player campaign.


El_Colombiano3309d ago

Fallout 3 was SHORT compared to other RPG's.

Now Demon's Souls...I'm clocking in at 50 hours atm on my first play through and I am LOVING it!

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madkrazygames3310d ago

oh, but don't you think that is bad comparison, games like fallout 3 we were meant to be 50 to 100 hours long. Uncharted 2 is an action game, 15 hours sounds like the perfect timing for that type of game.

baxy-z3310d ago

The article isn't comparing genres to other genres, it's looking at what would be the perfect length for any type of game. You're kind of missing the point of the article.

I admit, my previous comment was hastily posted and not thought out properly.

PirateThom3310d ago

Hell, it took me about 13 hours on Normal with about the same number of treasures. To me, action games work better when it's in that sort of band. 12-16 hours because it allows a lot of action but also good story progression.

After that I still had to get all the weapon kill trophies, found all the treasures and began my hard playthrough. Still haven't really gone into the multiplayer.

Timesplitter143310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

25 hours is perfect for me

Limited_Vertigo3310d ago

If it's FF I'm putting in over 100hrs. If it's Ratchet and Clank I'm putting in 15 tops.

Limited_Vertigo3310d ago

The adequate length of a game all depends on the genre. Like raztad mentioned above RPGs offer gameplay unrelated to the story (grinding, side quests) and thus their open world mechanics lead to a long play through. Action/Adventure games like UC or Tombraider are full of scripted events and story heavy, I think it's commonly accepted that these type of games fall under the 20hr mark.

Feral Gamer3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

I've never heard of this site. Another blog and a topic which appears every couple weeks. Been there, read that a few times.

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