5 Badass Videogame Characters Who are Clearly A-Holes (resumeplay)

resumeplay writes: "The videogame industy has been saturated with a variety of well known characters, from annoying to cream-your-pants awesome. However, the most memorable characters are often the ones that you despise, yet can't help but admit are badass. There is just something about the dynamic that compliments one another, like prepubecent teens and anime. This list, on behalf of Resumeplay and myself, presents to you five badass videogame characters who are clearly assholes."

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Ziriux3065d ago

Def. Marcus Fenix my friend, def. Marcus fenix.

mau643065d ago

he is kinda an a**hole

UnwanteDreamz3065d ago

The only one I don't agree with is Falco. I can think of plenty of characters that are more as*holish then him.

NathanGra3065d ago

I definitely thought the same. But I wanted to stress the badas* vs a-hole factor. I think he has a healthy mix of both.

NoBias3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

"I guess I should be thankful."

Akuma's a badasshole as well... Hmm... badasshole...

starcb263065d ago

Lazarević from UC2 is a major azz hole

Noctis Aftermath3064d ago

lol first thing i thought after reading the title was 'sephiroth better be number 1' then as i was scrolling down the list i was thinking 'wtf i still don't see him' then BAM he's #1 and i couldn't agree more, no one is as badass and yet somehow so freakin' cool at the sametime as Sephiroth.

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VenerableBmoney3065d ago

Best. Picture. Ever. I don't own a PS3- but if I did, I would totally make a Kratos or Solid Snake SockBoy....

Relientk773065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

the picture says it all

Sackboy that little guy is such a d*ck

what an @sshole



Bagogames3065d ago

Agree on them. Especialy GTA

ico923065d ago

every single gta character has been a jerk i mean there the people that make our soceity sucha dangerous place to live , i couldnt careless about any of them, especially niko bellic all these reviewers praised him as this likeable guy when in reality he's just some mindless errand boy

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