Netflix Experience On The PS3

Netflix was recently announced by Sony but will the experience change for the PS3?

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DrRobotnik3340d ago

The best just keeps getting better. Netflix would be a nice addition to the house PlayStation built. The current PSN media network is great on it's own, but the more features the better.

dkblackhawk503340d ago

Indeed, the more the merrier :D.

hakeem09963340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Although i am Happy that My PS3 only bredrin will be able to enjoy the sweet 1080 streaming of NETFLIX ,i can help but think that SONY is making a bad business move.By allowing NETFLIX on ps3 ,Sony has literally rendered BLURAY useless .Think about it, what's the point of buying BD movies when you can stream 1080p movies from the comfort of your living room.


saint_john_paul_ii3339d ago

UH, Netflix is not true 1080p. plus you dont get advantages that BD gets, like Surround Sound like Dolby Digital HD or DTS-HD.

DrRobotnik3339d ago

Say you don't have an internet connection or happen to lose it for some reason. You still can go get a blue-ray movie.

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Biggunz3340d ago

Do these so called "journalist" do any kind of research?...I thought it was explained fairly well on the PS Blog and the press release.

Just another B.S. article looking for hits IMO.

dkblackhawk503340d ago

I don't see that anywhere in the article...are you sure you read it from the site?

hakeem09963339d ago

you must know that the average customer doesn't even know what Dolby Digital HD or DTS-HD is or mean. All they know is that with netflix they can watch HD movies on most BD players,some TV ,PC and on there consoles .

By adding Netflix SONY is unintentionally siding with MICROSOFT who always was a fan of digital media.

NETFLIX might kill BLURAY from a business standpoint .
no flamewars plz

saint_john_paul_ii3339d ago

and you know who gets to tell them? the salesman who sells the equipment to them.

xLOADEDxBULLETx3339d ago

you do know Netflix is only available in the UNITED STATES? right...

hakeem09963339d ago

It's not jumping to conclusion .it's an educated observation. seriously think about the irony here.Sony wants there new media storage device to be the standard but is supporting digital media streaming which Microsoft has always claimed is the true future of media distribution.

that's funny to me

p.s 2009 is almost over and DVD's isn't showing any signs of fadding .it is still # 1.

MAGNUM-RAM3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

i cant wait.
I will stream, rent blurays and stream and rent blurays.
And If i want I will buy to own from PSN.

Thank you kindly.

Sony rules the world.

Some of you guys commenting are so late.
Why comment if you havent fully thought it thru?
no one wants to hear brain farts.

These wonderful options ps3 users have are to blend with eachother.

I think critisisms has to do with xbox 360 owners who are used to being imprisoned by a closed network. sometimes convicts cant deal with the real world because its too big and complicated for them. so they commit a crime and go back to jail because its all they know.

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