MAG - 34 in-game beta v1.30 screenshots

From Gameswire: "We got an invite to this a while ago, but have only just found time in our busy schedule to venture online to see how it's getting on. And take some screenshots, naturally. Good timing too in that regard, as an update had just been deployed, upgrading numerous elements of the game including graphic effects and textures.

So here we are. Looks OK we suppose, if a tad glitchy in places. But it's a beta and we're being unfair by judging it. We could assume everything we see will be fixed, but we've seen too many games pre-release to be that optimistic."

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edwineverready3310d ago

Then Halo odst and 256 players online WTF

Ps_alm3k3310d ago

and better texture, game still need lots of more work.......
But its getting there.