EyePet is just the beginning of a franchise - interview (English and Polish) talks to the makers of EyePet about, among other things, the upcoming DLC, their plans for the future of the franchise and possibility of adding motion control.

English version is in the right-hand column.

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sinncross3252d ago

Eyepet is doing well on amazon uk's best seller list.

Releasing 23 Oct alongside Borderlands and Forza 3, Eyepet holds the highest position at 4, with F3 at 6 and Bl at 23 (at time of writing)

This game has potential to widen PS3's demographic and with the game receiving motion control support when the PS3 'Sphere' launches and possible online support, then the DLC mentioned could turn into a community feature which is what a game like this needs.

Ron_Burgundy the 2nd3252d ago

ok ok, but London Studios make sure you release eight days and Getaway 3 ok? thanks

Ron_Burgundy the 2nd3252d ago

ok London Studios I'm really happy for you but I'ma let you finish, but Eight Days and Getaway 3 could've been the greatest games of all time!

whothedog3252d ago

One of my previous comments

"The pets will duel online, to the death! You can keep their dead body as a Trophy and hang it up in Home in the soon Trophy case. :)

Rated M game now."

It is going to happen.