D+PAD: Brutal Legend Reviewed

While his music doesn't really push our buttons, Meat Loaf's Bat Out Of Hell (released in 1977) had a fantastically schlocky album cover – a demonic bat watches as a skull adorned motorbike bursts from the ground, while the grimacing long haired rider hangs on for dear life; it really doesn't get much more unashamedly 'Heavy Metal' than that. It's from this same studded-leather-clad era that Tim Schafer (creator of Psychonauts and Grim Fandango) and Double Fine Productions have drawn upon to unleash the rock'n'roll odyssey that is Brutal Legend. The question is, have they managed to crank the volume all the way up to eleven, or is Brutal Legend merely a scale model of Stonehenge that is in danger of being crushed by a dwarf (if you'll pardon the inevitable Spinal Tap references!)?

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