First Avatar clothing unlocks go live

The first Avatar clothing unlocked by playing a game has gone live. Those who unlocked items by playing Summer of Arcade release Splosion Man can now grab the clothes from the Customize Avatar screen.

You'll need to update the game first by loading it and accepting the mandatory install. There's then an Achievement-style 'toast' popup telling you you've unlocked an Avatar award.

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Silellak3337d ago

I love the idea of games that unlock free things for achievements, be it Avatar clothing or Home customization. I hope more games on all platforms continue this trend.

thebudgetgamer3337d ago

the problem though i got the infamous outfit, so i'm walking around like yea look at what i got until i saw five people in a row with the same outfit.

Blaze9293337d ago

I love how Microsoft still continues to update the free avatar clo...oh wait....

D4RkNIKON3337d ago

Funny because Home has been doing this for a while. I got the inFamous clothes from playing the beta. The console war this generation is getting juicier every day.

Jonty3337d ago

Can PS3 do it yet? I know Infinity Ward said it was going to have 'em for Modern Warfare 2.

Sangria3337d ago

I think Resident Evil 5 did it. IIRC, you had to complete the game in order to unlock small statues for your Home space.

UnwanteDreamz3337d ago

Street Fighter 4 also has free HOME tshirts you get for playing the game.

Bumpmapping3337d ago

First good news for 360 owners this year LOL!

GamerSciz3337d ago

The one thing I want 360 and PS3 to both do is have a specific clothing unlock for beating a game entirely. So for example if you beat Uncharted 2 with a Platinum trophy you get a shirt or something that is specific to that achievement. Then when walking around HOME if you see anyone with that shirt you know right then they beat Uncharted 2 with a platiunm trophy and you got plenty to discuss :)

thebudgetgamer3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

but i dont ever think i will get a platinum trophy. i stink, the only game i have ever gotten 100% was linger in shadows.

:) they call me the cant get platinum kid.

GamerSciz3337d ago

Haha man the only games I have trouble with platinum are either ones that require online trophies (those can be hard) or ones that are just outrageous, like Wipeout HD...My first platinum was Uncharted Drakes Fortune.

You proved my point though. By no means does the average person get a platinum for every game they own. So to be able to walk around in HOME with a shirt specifically proving you got a platinum is really saying something.

thebudgetgamer3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

probably make me actualy try to get the platinum trophies. i think i can do the mirros edge plat, maybe burnout.

NewZealander3337d ago

good idea;) and i should have my platinum in uncharted 2 tonight! my fourth platinum, pretty good i think considering i only got a ps3 when the slim came out.

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Ron_Burgundy the 2nd3337d ago

yeah, but for one game, :(

(go cries in a corner) this is all that you give me for free MS!!!!!

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