Forza 3 preorders hit 180,000 units

Brett Walton writes - "Americas Preorder Charts - 25th Oct 09

Final Forza 3 preorders hit 180,000 as Modern Warfare 2 and New Super Mario Bros Wii continue to lead the way..."

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Waldex_Encore3250d ago

180,000 confirmed stupid animals breathing and living in this world


yeah.. right..

DasBunker3250d ago

xbots only like teh haloz and teh gearz!

Saaking3250d ago

FLOP! Halo ODST sold 2 million in ONE day. hahahahaaha, there's bot logic for you.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3250d ago

...Micro$oft Change the Name to - 'Forza Halo MotorSports 3'!!! ;-D

"180,000 units" in the U.S.of.A??? ;-D ;-D ;-D

bruddahmanmatt3250d ago

Is that 180,000 divided by two since the game comes on two discs?

Bereaver3250d ago

GT5 atleast 500k preorders.

DK_Kithuni_713250d ago

Turn 10 and Microsoft are doomed.

The Xbox 360 has NO games worth playing.

bruddahmanmatt3250d ago

Not a fan of the sarcasm I see.

Foliage3250d ago

150,000 of those copies weren't even shipped, they will remain at Microsoft headquarters with all those Halo pre-orders.

Che Chou3249d ago

Sales mean nothing to me. Forza Motorsport 3 is still the definitive racing simulator this generation. Physics, custom paint jobs and the cars are top notch.

Che Chou
Turn 10 Studios

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xg-ei8ht3250d ago

I expected more pre-orders then that.

Killzonegamer843250d ago

WOW thats nothing, This game has gotten rave reviews and Forza 2 sold great, hope this doesn't mean racing sims are dying a slow death.

green3250d ago

Actually FOrza has never done very well states side.I think Forza 2 only did like 200,000 in its first month on sale in the USA.Europe has always been the biggest market for sims and Forza 3 seems to be doing well in the UK.

Anyway, i hope it sells very well because the game is truly a masterpiece.

The Creep3250d ago

im sorry but i just cant help noticing the MW2 pre orders on 360

those numbers are looking BEASTLY!!!

jcgamer3250d ago

180,000? GT5 can do that in 2 minutes...

lol :)

eagle213250d ago

Is this how the "teh definitive" is supposed to catch the 52 million selling KING TURISMO? lol

Odion3250d ago

What happen to the idea that sales don't matter? Cause Wii Fitt would be better then both of them?

lokiroo4203250d ago

360 owners need to start buying some games, support your console.

The gaming GOD3250d ago

Sales STILL don't matter. But that didn't stop people from calling games like Uncharted 1 a flop because it didn't sell 10 million like halo now did it?

Greywulf3250d ago

yep, people said exactly that. Now we have the definitive racer with 180k pre-orders.


3250d ago
table3250d ago

I'm a firm believer that sales don't matter as long as the game makes back a profit but didn't ps3 games get slated by the media for doing 'poor' sales (killzone2, resistance2, infamous) despite the fact they actually did pretty good. Hopefully Forza does well because it looks a good game but you know the media will ignore it if it sells poorly, god forbid they write a negative article on an american product.

NoBias3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

I didn't expect this to sell millions. Nor do I expect GT5 to sell millions (especially here in the states).

I also don't understand why all the PS3 fanboys on this site act like they're hardcore GT racers and have been forever. I've had PS and PS2 and never bought a GT. Can't get into them (or any racing sim). The only game I had remotely close to it was Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero, which I actually enjoyed but not to the point where I kept buying racing sims.

I guarantee GT5 will be the first GT a few of these Sony fanboys have ever owned... Let alone played...

Oldsnake0073250d ago

You asked why GT5 is better than Forza 3

- 1000 cars
- beatiful and realistic graphics
- Nascar
- Night Racing
- dynamic weather
- brilliant physics
- solid online play

Forza is a great series, but IMO it clearly lacks soul

slayorofgods3250d ago

Forza 3 poised for a nice flop. I don't even think it is going to reach GT5 prologue sales, and that is just a demo.

Optical_Matrix3250d ago

No Bias...Forza 2 sold 4 million copies. Gran Turismo 5 prologue sold in excess of 3 million. Gran Turismo 3 sold in excess of 15 million copies. I'd hardly call that niche and you better expect GT5 to sell millions because it will. I gaurentee you that more than a 5th of the PS3's install base will buy this game.

Danja3250d ago

So what maybe more people are just going to go to the store and. By the game ....

Forza was never a huge seller anyways , but its a good series ....

Forza 2 only sold 2 million after a year ... Then it was Bundled and that's how it got to 4 million in sales ......

Serial_EDX3250d ago

I'll be buying this game, Plane and simple. ;)

EvilBlackCat3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

I was a H U G E fan of GTurismo... i was...

@ Oldsnake007

1.13 - @1.10- You asked why GT5 is better than Forza 3
You asked why GT5 is better than Forza 3

- 1000 cars
- beatiful and realistic graphics
- Nascar
- Night Racing
- dynamic weather
- brilliant physics
- solid online play

Forza is a great series, but IMO it clearly lacks soul


Forza lacks soul?

1st. Did you played Forza 1-2? Hardcore Simulation mode by the way? That mean all settings realistic. NO? if your answer is no then you are the one who lack of racing soul.

2nd. Does 1000 cars make the game realistic? because in the real world there is more than 1000 models.

3rd. Beautiful and realistic graphics!!!! Wow the simulation iissss ssooooooo reeeeaaaaal!!! LOL!

4th. WRC / Nascar Wow!!! that is a loooot of cars right. Will you be able to make your own WRC or Nascar?
Wow the simulation iissss ssooooooo reeeeaaaaal because of that!!! LOL!!!

5th. Dynamic weather!!! Yup cool!!! but without close to real life physics with real Platform & Handling reaction what is the point of your Dynamic Weather!!!!!!!!!!!!! (((ECHO)))? Anyway its cool man just like PGR3.

6th. Brilliant physics! I HOPE but brilliant dont make it real.

7th. Solid online play? Better than Forza? mmm IIIIIII DOUBT IT but anyway i hope too.

----------------------------- ---------------


14 - @EvilBlackCat
What's wrong son?You mad? It all a matter of perspectives when it comes down to it! You act as if microsoft or turn 10 gave you a free copy to review.

NO SOOOOONNNNNNN!!! i act like im just tired of all this posers acting like they know sh!t SSOOOOONNN!!!

Oh!!! I lost a bubble!!! omg!!! its the end of the world!!!!

Come on people lol!!! disagrees and bubble dont make GTurismo series better than Forza LOL!!!

HALF OF THE WORLD can go and buy a PS3 with a copy of GTurismo BUT that doesn't mean the simulation in GT is better.

HOW MANY PEOPLE SMOKE IN THE WORLD? so smoking is healthy and cool right?

I don't judge games by sales. I judge them by content.

You better start paying attention of why Halo sells a lot. Do you like the graphics? No? but why so many are behind Halo universe?

Sales make Halo games better than others? NO but better pay more attention to his content.

Halo is fun and that is what many wants to do with friends have fun while enjoying the halo universe.

Why there was so many afraid of Forza 2? Because some people just want to have fun and that is why GT sold a lot but in realism the series suck. Get it? REPEAT>>> READ>>> The series lack of realism!
Forza is more hardcore and that is why you have in Forza 3 a more friendly game without losing the hardcore realism in other worlds is more friendly than GTurismo series.

Forza 3 is for the casual and the hardcore without killing the realistic settings and simulation.

The gaming GOD3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

"Forza 3 is for the casual and the hardcore without killing the realistic settings and simulation"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Forza 3 have a rewind feature that you can use during a race so you can do things over?

Not very "realistic" to me.

BTW, what's with the extremely long posts? Diaper not on tight enough?

Serial_EDX3250d ago

@ the hating god, "aka Gaming god"

its a option, I guess since you can turn difficulties on in games they are actually always EASY, right, or are you just going to spin your comment?

The gaming GOD3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

No child, see I don't need to "spin" my comment. I'll leave it just as it is. See that was a question. Not everyone lives in the magical world of fanboytopia like yourself.

And even as an "option", doesn't that take away from being well..."real"?

Sarcasm3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Forza 3 is an "Evergreen title."

Oh wait, wrong company excuse. That's Nintendo.

Nah but seriously, The Forza series isn't a big seller anyway. Forza 2 even when it was bundled with the 360 hasn't hit 3 million I don't think? But who cares, it's still a great racing franchise with an arrogant developer.

And que the "but but but PS3 gamers don't care about sales or VGchartz!"

Shut it already.

Noctis Aftermath3250d ago

[email protected] title, only serves to lure out fanboys from either side.

I am more interested in the MAG numbers, i really want to get in the beta but i don't know how to, anyone who can tell me how send me a PM please.

btw my PSN is NoctisVCloud

The gaming GOD3249d ago

Dude, don't mail me. I don't waste my time answering people's mail here

Cueil3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

If I'm not mistaken that's only US numbers... ioi could probably explain better how much territory he covers with it though

edit: if I'm not mistaken GT has been on the list for a couple of weeks...

TotalPS3Fanboy3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Turn 10 claimed: the Definate Racer of this Generation.
Numbers claimed: the Definate Flop of this Generation.

Cueil3248d ago

Forza 1 and 2 sales = God of War 1 and 2 sales... Forza 2 is sitting at around 4 million... not 3

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droid and bot3250d ago

sorry to say that
and im very sad to say that

but thats just poor

i like the game
along with GT

good game but not on the same level with GT
xbox fanboys hyped this game more what it needs / more than what it is

and turn 10 open their mouth and sounded stupid for nothing

i am sure that GT well sell almost 2 mills in its first week or so

N4G king3250d ago

dont care about those disagrees
they are just fanboys that feeling a lil bit (uncomfortable) with this article ... and of course the truth that you are stating in here


Lord_Ranos3250d ago

Forza is NOTHING compared to Gran Turismo.

RussDeBuss3250d ago

my housemate has forza 3. i like it, but graphically it's nothing special, it's not bad, just not got the wow factor, i think turn 10 also hyped it up so much and raised expectations to a level that they just could not deliver.

a good racer to wet my appetite and get me back into racing ready for gt5 release, i can't wait.

Cueil3249d ago

Forza 3 has nothing on a unreleased game? seems to have a few words they'd like to have with you... why don't you mosy on over there and check out their review on Forza 3... they said it was better than GT:P

The gaming GOD3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )


Who cares what "they" at say.

What matters is what the PEOPLE say. The ones actually considering BUYING the game. It obviously isn't all that "better" if all they could muster was 180,000 pre orders in the U.S. MS STRONG territory. With Advertising. WITH the constant brainwashing of "the definitive" racer. WITH the forza custom skin bribery. WITH the message board trolling. WITH the constant lashing out and Polyphony Digital.

With all that, all they have are 180,000 pre orders?

See, a "review" is just an opinion. And since it's media, it can be a paid and "bribed for" opinion. It doesn't matter what "they" or anyone else says. What matters is what the CUSTOMERS think. And if this is an indication in the U.S., the customer doesn't care too much

Cueil3248d ago

What are you trying to say? That's still better than most racers have done this gen... this game should easily top Forza 2 and that's sitting at 4 million

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