10 Best Video Game Music Soundtracks

Pete Schiecke of AOL radio writes: In the beginning, video game music was nothing but a bunch of blips and bleeps. Today, the intricacy of game music has evolved to the same artistic level of blockbuster movie soundtracks. Based on the highest rated music by AOL Radio listeners on the Video Game Scores station, we've compiled a list of the 10 best video game soundtracks. Since the radio station focuses on modern game music, so does this list. Let us know what video game music is your favorite in the comments!

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DrRobotnik3253d ago

I'm sorry but DK soundtrack was one of the most memorable soundtracks ever!!!.......and chrono trigger too.

caliblue153253d ago

Donkey Kong County was pretty good... as with all top 10 lists, someones favorite is always left off.