Top Five XBLA Games (resumeplay)

resumeplay writes: "For a lot of you out there, the Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) offerings are either too expensive or not appealing enough to warrant inclusion in your game collection. Personally, I look at the XBLA games as a great supplement to any gamer's repertoire, as well as an opportunity to boost one's gamerscore by up to 200 points per game."

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Ziriux2950d ago

Their pretty cheap now.

VenerableBmoney2950d ago

It really is a good time to get one. The arcade is cheap enough, and you can buy an old 20GB hard drive from most game stores.

mau642950d ago

there are a lot of great games offered on the service.

Ziriux2950d ago

He says he doesn't even have Xbox though, NOT Live.

Ziriux2950d ago

Well, I'd say some of the best are Trials HD, Geo Wars and Geo Wars 2.

mau642950d ago

Trials HD is just soo hard it seems

Ziriux2949d ago

Sure on the most difficult levels but when it comes to the game all around it's quite fun.

Dignan2949d ago

I loved the demo of Trials so I bought the game. The harder level become too tedious. Bunny hop, crash then repeat. Worth $10 but just for the speedy levels and bonus games.

SRU96002949d ago

I know that everyone has their own opinions, but any "Top XBLA Games" list that doesn't include Shadow Complex = fail X 1,000.

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Bagogames2950d ago

I want on this, i dont even own an xbox but i may look into one in particular =D

mau642950d ago

you should buy one... even the arcade alone is almost worth a purchase

Bagogames2949d ago

But the worryling lack of an Xbox360 with LIVE is an issue.

PSN ftw then :D


VenerableBmoney2950d ago

It's a shame that this list couldn't be longer. There's really a number of titles not included that I wish could've been.

mau642950d ago

yeah i see people getting upset that shadow complex didn't make the list

chrisulloa2949d ago

There's a lot more they could've added. There's a ton of good XBLA games.

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The story is too old to be commented.