Which Is Better For Netflix - PS3 or Xbox 360?

DualShockers writes: By now I'm sure you all have heard that Netflix streaming functionality is coming to the PS3 in the next month or so. This is good news for those who have a PS3 and no Xbox 360, but if you have both consoles, which one offers the better deal? What factors will go into your decision to use one console over the other for Netflix viewing? Ultimately, you have to answer that for yourself, because each person's situation is different. But, to help you out, let's break down the facts and look at each system specifically.

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LordMarius3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

The one that doesnt charge you extra

Delta3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

You should just come out and say it. We all know what you mean. ;P

Silellak3340d ago

Here's a crazy thought - let's wait until Netflix service is actually available on the PS3 before writing and responding to articles like this.

The service could be phenomenal, or it could be sub-par, and there's really no way to know one way or the other until it's actually up and running.

taz80803340d ago

@Marius - hard to argue with that, funny how u lost a bub for it, heres right back at ya.

Why do discussions always come down to fanboy name calling?

Carlton Banks3340d ago

It really sucks that I need PSN gold to use this feature.... oh wait.

lokiroo4203340d ago

BD-J and movie extras ftw!

bruddahmanmatt3340d ago

The one that you can actually watch movies on because it's not broken 24/7.

Anorexorcist3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

If the same degree of functionality, selection, and service is made available on the PSN, alongside the superior upscale functions of the PS3, the answer is pretty damn obvious.

UnwanteDreamz3340d ago

I think people who are willing to pay for streaming netflicks probably have a laptop they can stream to. I know I do.

Seeing netflicks on the PSN is just a bonus like it was to most XBL members who also probably already had a laptop to stream to.

The people who care the most are the people who are taking score. You gotta ask yourself how much their opinion really matters.

bruddahmanmatt3340d ago

Actually now that I think about it again, if you have both consoles and you're one of the 11 people in the world who has a 360 that hasn't imploded yet then I'm gonna have to go with the 360. Might as well use it for something other than a giant paperweight seeing as how the PS3 is gonna get so much more use with all of the AAA exclusives headed its way.

MEsoJD3340d ago

lol I was thinking the same thing. Lets wait until its out before we

start making verdicts.

aceitman3340d ago

my non hd movies dont scale to 720p or 1080p they play on them but the pic is like watching youtube hopefully the ps3 can do this the right way

XxZxX3340d ago

have you seen how good PS3 on upscaling DVD and how bad XBOX 360 does. Keep the PS3 as media center and gaming consoles. XBOX 360 is just a gaming console. that's all

dpatterson143340d ago

Don't worry, I gave you a bubble back.
On topic: I agree. The one that doesn't charge extra.

IdleLeeSiuLung3340d ago

Agreed, let's wait until both is out, but for now the PS3 is a more silent machine and doesn't require a subscription (although I have Live Gold for other reasons), thats a plus. While it's minus, requires a disc, WTF!

Mr Logic3340d ago

I say bring on Hulu also.

beardpapa3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

then it on the PS3 would be better anyways right? No contest.

Don't wanna stream? Have them ship over a blu-ray. Best of both worlds.

I mean... how can you even argue that? It's not like they *only* allow you to do one thing or the other.

Shang-Long3339d ago

lol at cons

u must have an Xbox Live Gold membership < A disc is required to run.

Sarcasm3339d ago

"have you seen how good PS3 on upscaling DVD and how bad XBOX 360 does."

That's because the 360 isn't capable of true 1920x1080 pixel to pixel resolution. So it's an upscaled 1080p signal, but it's not really 1080p. Though you probably cant tell a difference, but there are some crazy videophiles out there that do.

The PS3's DVD upscaler uses the Cell to clean up the image as well as outputting in true 1080p. Of course there's only so much it can do to a DVD, but I agree upscaled DVDs also look better on the PS3.

JokesOnYou3339d ago

"The one that doesnt charge you extra"

Wow, so renting movies with Netflix on ps3 is free?....cause last time I checked added features like Netflix didn't raise the price of Live, its still the better online service just like it was the day ps3 and the wii launched. I pay for Live because its a better online gaming service, everything works seemless and its just plain more fun gaming with player feedback and keeps me connected with friends as oppose to psn.


dragunrising3339d ago

I will use both. I already ordered the PS3 disc. I don't see a physical disc as being a problem. Otherwise, both have ALL the SAME features. If you want to cry about XBL Gold pricing, do it somewhere else. Another pointless article...

SL1M DADDY3339d ago

So that should tell you that if you pay 50 bucks more per year to watch Netflix, then you need to switch over to the PS3 for your movies.

drdre743339d ago

I think this is going to be a big win for Sony. I'll be getting a netflix account now so i can rent Blu rays. Plus i have a mac and there was no way to stream movies from netflix to my PS3. I'm signing up this week so i can get my hands on one of those disc. I have a feeling they will run out quick.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3340d ago

The console that wont burn your house down.

Gabe EatsWell3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

The console that only does everything.

@Brooklyn: Fixed. :)

Delta3340d ago

Hey ask me, i know this one.... it is ummm PS3?

BROOKLYN N-M-E3340d ago

That's all a matter of interpretation.

BROOKLYN N-M-E3340d ago

that saying the free one is the obvious choice, but all things considered, if Pacther is right with his prediction about XBL costing $100 then I'm sure it has something to do with the 1080p instant on Zune video service. MS might just be waiting to make the jump and cut out Netflix completely!

Chadness3340d ago

Maybe Netflix sees this possibility so pushed a deal with Sony. Who knows?

randomwiz3340d ago

i dont think most people bought a 360 just to stream netflix, because of that live charge. But the ps3 will be more attractive as a bluray player with netflix.

personally, i think netflix streaming sucks. 7.1 surround sound makes all the difference, so until I get that by streaming, I'll just stick with bluray

artgamer3340d ago

if Live becomes 100 dollars 360 is finished.

Zune HD or not.

Ju3340d ago

Streaming is fine in addition to BlueRay. Best of both worlds. Sometimes I'm too lazy to get a BD (TV shows and etc), but for feature films I'd prefer BDs.

Sarcasm3339d ago

"7.1 surround sound makes all the difference, so until I get that by streaming, I'll just stick with bluray "

Amen, finally someone who appreciates the full featured sound of 7.1 as I do. But it's also not just 7.1, but DTSHD-MA and DolbyTruHD makes a big difference for me. Sounds like I'm in a movie theater.

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thebudgetgamer3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

that when you have netflix on 360 you can watch movies and tv shows with friends. thats pretty awesome.

Chadness3340d ago

Good point. Perhaps Sony will take a lesson from that and add some Home/Netflix functionality so you can do the same.

thebudgetgamer3340d ago

i would love to sit around my apartment with friends and fire up some 30 rock.

Silellak3340d ago

How shocking that a Sony-fanboy run website doesn't have full knowledge of the 360's features!

BROOKLYN N-M-E3340d ago

so quick to call these guys a fanboy site, yet they have Xbox live community playdates.
You don't have full knowledge of anything! lol

SCThor3340d ago

Really, you need to look at the bright side, now you have an excuse to buy a PS3 if you don't have already.

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Gandalf3340d ago

The one that won't RROD when you're watching House.

taz80803340d ago

RROD is pretty ugly, still see these happening once in a while at stores which is kinda funny