City of Heroes: An Inside Look at Evil

GrE writes, "To whom it may concern,

If you are reading this then I am dead. Please share the information in this letter with my immediate family only, as some of the details may be harmful if they are revealed to the public at large. My family will be most thankful when you provide this to them, because the last few years will make a lot more sense to them. You can find my parents in the home they have been living in for the past 40 years in The Hollows...."

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bgrundman3134d ago

Sorry, I am immediately skeptical of any MMO, right out of the gate.

wondroushippo3134d ago

I'm skeptical of the genre as a whole. I think they're just cash and time sinks only.

bgrundman3134d ago

I love this guys sense of humor. Pure brilliance.

wondroushippo3134d ago

"I was born a mutant and frequently had trouble controlling my abilities."

Don't we all?

roblef3134d ago

MMOs are great fun, and time sink isn't a bad thing. It's the constant subscription payments that suck. I like DDO's model - free to play, purchase extras.

roblef3134d ago

Glad this is a weekly feature. Perfect for the weekends!

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