Microsoft offers PS3 buyers an Xbox 360

Microsoft Corp. this month began offering potential buyers of Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 an Xbox 360 in a new contextual ad campaign.

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PirateThom3312d ago

Upgrading your PS2?

Why pay more for less?

Upgrading your PS2?

Only one console does everything.

Upgrading your PS2?

Where else are you going to play Gran Turismo and God of War?

MaximusPrime3312d ago

yep. PS2 owners got so used to Gran Turismo, Wipeout etc etc.
im sure they want to play HD version.
only PS3 has them.

droid and bot3312d ago

wow thats soooooooooooooo Desperate

villevalorox3312d ago

lol.. you can't convert pre-sony owners now.. maybe when the 360 1st launched, but no way in hell will the spoiled ps2 owners dare move to 360 knowing the same quality and high production can be found on ps3 as ps2.. In all honesty, It really seems that M$ is getting scared, basing sony here lately, telling people lies.. *caugh* for-za *caugh* I mean I now im going to get a million disagrees on this but this is like apple basing pc to gain sales imo.. although m$ also has been bashing apple in ads here lately. What ever.. and yeah you are right, THOM.. like M$ has all the exclusives ps2 lovers have grown to know and play over and over again.. doubt that..

PirateThom3312d ago

To me, it's just a stupid way to advertise.

"Hey, remember that console you've spent ages on and has all the games you like?


We don't have all the games you like, but buy our console instead."

Silellak3312d ago

As lame as Microsoft's ad campaign is (and this IS lame), it's not quite as lame as people who don't even work for Sony repeating ad slogans like freakin' robots. Ugh.

PirateThom3312d ago

Yeah, or people who don't even work for Microsoft saying things like "Jump In" or "Definitive racer of this generation"

mint royale3312d ago

Amen sillelak and pirate thom

Its quite sad. Love the games not the company. They love your money not you.

marinelife93312d ago

Once upon a time I actually wanted a 360 as well. I was just waiting for all the Red ring issues to be dealt with. Now I'm glad I kept my money for more PS3 games.

HolyOrangeCows3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Seriously, MS has shown us how much of a threat the PS3 is to the 360 with their desperate "ZOMG! Don't buy teh playstation stuffs!" ads/campaigns and another price cut.

Let's face it, people have always wanted Playstation.
And now more and more people can afford it.

bruddahmanmatt3312d ago

Thinking of buying quality? Come buy a piece of crap with inferior, outdated hardware that is not only bested by our competitor, but could die at any moment because of half-a**ed QA testing instead. Did we mention you also get to pick how much you want to pay every year to connect with your friends online? Not only that, but whereas multiplatform releases on our competitor's gaming console only come on one disc, we spread the game out over THREE OR FOUR DISCS FOR 4X THE THICKNESS ON YOUR SHELF! Who doesn't love swapping discs when you progress to another part on the map in an open world game? Best of all, you'll get to beta test games a year in advance before they hit our competitor's console. Our competitor doesn't offer early beta access to Ninja Gaiden 2, Star Ocean IV or Tales of Vesperia.

Microsoft Xbox 360: Where the best exclusive we have that's not Halo is a feature called cross game chat...until Sony updates PSN next month.

D4RkNIKON3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

This is just plain funny. MS are really loosing ground, and the "value" that XBL once had is diminishing. PSN FTW! Once PSN gets cross game chat, I will seriously laugh till it hurts.

How is that twitter and facebook app? More like a butchered version with limited features while PS3's web browser grants access to those sites and more (myspace, flickr, etc) in their entirety. How does including features that are free every where else, add to the VALUE of an XBL subscription?

cmrbe3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Is that why Sony subsidize a 900 dollar tech marvel for me to buy at $600?.

Is that why Sony offered me the chance to buy a blu-ray for 600 only then when blu-rays were $1000 dollar plus?.

Is that why Sony give me PSN for free?.

Is that why Sony took huge risk on unproven tech in cell and blu-ray so that i get to benefit in the long run?.

Is that why Sony made sure the PS3 is quality so that we PS fans get a solid system?

Is that why Sony keep on pushing the boundaries in gaming and taking huge risk in new IP's and unproven franchise to give me variety and new experience on top of existing gaming experience from previous gens?.

You see. Sony as a company understand that in order to make money you have to care about your customers and give them the best and look out for them in the long run. Thats why Sony will always have my respect and why i have stuck with them. They do care about me because they know that if i am happy i give them money. If they didn't they would give me a basic console with over priced add on and pay to play online, rush out a console before it is ready, bring the same tired gaming expereince over and over again and not investing in real talent to bring fresh and true exclusives lineup that pushes the boundries in gaming that warrents a console purchase.

beardpapa3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

At least the Apple tv ads were creative in drawing people to switch.

That's a funny ad.

I'm not against Win7 by all means, but at least the marketing team at Apple was very creative with that one. Microsoft should be more creative in drawing people to switch from PS2 to Xbox.

"Upgrading your PS2? Consider an Xbox 360 Elite with over 800 games and instant HD movies in full 1080p"."

That isn't catchy or creative enough for me to consider if I were out looking for a new console. It's kinda like half-a$$ed work IMO and isn't the usual Microsoft fare.

@ cmrbe

You know the stuff Sony releases are generally innovations rather than copy cats. Sure they have copy things here and there, but what business company in a competitive business world wouldn't do that? However, businesses still need to be creative and original sometimes, and when it comes to hardware, Sony are definitely innovators. They just happen to release things at the wrong time - either too early or too late.

Just recently they had a 360 display thing. It was pretty neat.

the actual video

I have a feeling that's just their bendable OLED screen wrapped around a cylinder. Then again I don't know much about this stuff, but it seems rather rational to think that's what it is since they've been showcasing their bendable OLED screens for some time now.

whothedog3312d ago


Don't be mad at the PS3, "It only does everything"

I love my PS3 because "It only does everything"

I was feeling frisky one day and "It only does everything"

so I took em up on that offer. :)

sikbeta3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

PS2 owners want the console that Only Does Everything and has more Value = PS3

Why a PS2 gamer want a xbox if he can't play:

Gran Turismo 5
Ratchet and Clank Future: ACiT
Killzone 2

and something They didn't experimented before:

·Uncharted Drake's Fortune
·uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Don't make any sense, PS2 owners will migrate to the PS3

I thought M$ will offer free xbox 360 with 3 years warranty to PS3 owners and try to sell games in order to make profit instead of the console, sound reasonable lol

Cold 20003312d ago

In case nobody's realised yaet but a lot of PS2 gamers have already upgraded to 360 since it passed the 25 million mark which is the original XBOX's final install base.

And each and every single 360 owner after the 25 millionth 360 owner is actually (well theres an extremely high chance) a former PS2 owner.

A lot of PS2 owners have upgraded to Wii, some of them to 360 and some of them to the PS3.

Now the Big 3 can fight for those who havent upgraded yet.

And I doubt a game like GOW3 that sold 3 million copies to a 120 million install base is a key factor.

Silellak3312d ago

Hey, I love my PS3 too, but I'm not going to sit around N4G repeating company slogans like a sad little corporate whore.

Both sides may do it, but I've honestly noticed it a LOT more from the Sony side.

ico923312d ago

1st they try to justifiy xbl live fee after the losss of one of its very few features over psn(netflix)
then they try to pursuade ps2 owners to buy there console despite the fact that the 360 does not have the 1st party playstation exlcusives. wow

cmrbe3312d ago

and they only manged to add 6 million more new consumers with

1. Year headstart.
2. Half the price of the PS3 most of the time.
3. Getting relative all once PS2 3rd parties exclusives on the x360.
4. Significantly diversifying their game collection.
5. Releasing all their top games.
6. Getting a head start in game dev with better multi-plats.

and they only get 6 million more after all this advantage.

Are you guys really that surprise why MS are desperate?. The x360 has been at mass market price for over a year and it never beaten the wii.

As i said in early 2007. MS strategy was to get as many PS2 owners to upgrade to the x360. They have failed miserably. It has fallen on deaf ears to the bulk of the 140 million PS2 userbase. MS was banking on once PS2 titles and 199 price point to get PS2 owners to convert. Obviously they are still trying lol!

MS understands that their PS2 strategy hasnt work so now they are going after the wii userbase with Natal.

randomwiz3312d ago

GOW is a huge series. To think it wont move units is pure ignorance.

Kratos is a well known character. Even my 360 only friends know who kratos is. He is considered a cool, tough, gruesome, and overall awesome character because of how violent he is.

UnwanteDreamz3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

"Both sides may do it, but I've honestly noticed it a LOT more from the Sony side". - silellak

Then let me offer you some advise. Don't lump all of us together. Why don't you PM those people and tell them what you think of their slogans and stop treating the rest of us like we came out of our mothers crotch with a logo stamped to our foreheads?

Maybe what you are seeing are the views of a few who do not represent the whole (if there is even such a thing).

Cold 20003312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Wow I cant believe you're so naive...

-"Is that why Sony subsidize a 900 dollar tech marvel for me to buy at $600?." Lol do u think they actually had the choice ???

-"Is that why Sony offered me the chance to buy a blu-ray for 600 only then when blu-rays were $1000 dollar plus?" Like I said above do u really think Sony did that because theyre kind ?? They did that because they know that 600$ was the maximum people would "tolerate" for a console...not because theyre kind and wanted u to have a blu ray player for cheap

-"Is that why Sony give me PSN for free?" If PSN wasnt free it would have been more than dead already in 2007. LIVE was a 10000 times better. Making PSN free is a competitive advantage for Sony, thats how u call it. It wasnt out of kindness...geez...

-"Is that why Sony made sure the PS3 is quality so that we PS fans get a solid system?" Last gen the XBOX was A LOT more stable than the PS. Dent tell me its because Sony didn't care about you last

And I can go on forever...

And where do u get the "only 6 million more" ??? Can u please give some factual figures. I'll be waiting to see where u get your "6 million more" from because that would mean the 360 has only sold 31 million...when we all know it has passed that already. So please give me a link or something. And moreeover the 360 has achieved its current sales at a higher price point and faster than the original XBOX.

And spin it as much as u want to it doesnt prove my post 1.16 wrong.

Its simple logic. If u can defy logic well bring it on then lol.

And by the way MS are desperate so now theyre going after the Wii user base with Natal right ?

So can u you please tell me what is Sony's goal with their Motion controller ? Oh! Let me guess! Sony came out woth the motion controller not for the Wii's user base but because they want to push boundaries right ? LOL

Silellak3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

At what point did I "lump you all together"? I never said ALL Sony fans repeat ad slogans like robots, just that the ones who did were pretty damn lame, and that I saw Sony fans doing it a lot more than Microsoft or Nintendo fans.

Sounds to me like you're taking offense where none was intended. Oversensitive much? Maybe it's time to take a break from the front lines of the so-called "console war", champ.

mint royale3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Haha okay you continue to do that if it suits. Personally I will buy whatever suits me if it is at a price I deem acceptable.

And if I was picking a company to worship for ensuring customers had great aftercare then it would be Nintendo. They are the only company that have never released a system that wasn't hugely reliable. Microsoft is a joke in this respect.

Personally they are the only ones I truly respect.

cmrbe3312d ago

As much as you hate it. What i said actually happened. It is fact. We can argue about Sony's intentions were all day but fact is PSN is free, Sony subsidise the PS3 by 300 at launch, Blu-ray players were at least 1000 then, PS3 is rock solid, Sony has more talent than MS, Sony take way more risk than MS with new IP's.

Weather you like it or not. This is a sign of a company that cares for its fanbase which they should. Afterall its the fans that give them money. Sony as usual goes for long term benefits that benefits gamers, the publishers and them just like they did in previous gens. I'll give you a hint. PS2.

Sony could have easily release a PS2.5 together with the x360 and blow it out of the water but who benefits?. Sony went for long term gains over intial success. Suffer early gain more long term. We all knew this.

As for Harware sales. Last time i heard it was at 31 million shipped. Even if its 33 million its still 8 million more which is still pathetic and this not considering the 33% failure rate.

Nice try though.

HighDefinition3312d ago

I got a 360 and barely use the thing, I got a PS3.

DK_Kithuni_713312d ago

They know they are in for a lot of hurt.

Eddie201013312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Leave it to Microsoft to try and coat tale on PS1 And PS2 's success.

Seems like a dirty way to confuse the consummer, much like using music from Little Big Planet in there advertizing.

Christopher3312d ago

Gotta admit, advertising like this really rubs me the wrong way, much like Turn 10's comments about their competitors. I call it dirty business, which is what companies do when their products aren't speaking well enough on their own.

I'd rather Microsoft instead put money into making their product(s) better rather than trying to dirty their competitors through words.

ultimolu3312d ago


They can offer me the world and I still won't buy one. Poor Microsoft...*shakes head*

Foliage3312d ago

"Upgrading your 360? Consider a PS3"

Serial_EDX3312d ago

LMFAO at some of these comments, "can't convert ps2 users"

BS I'm play my 360 just as much as my Ps3.

Man some of you guys really bug me, your just pathetic trash in the history of games.

likedamaster3312d ago

Did the Uncharted 2 hype wear off or no one playing online? Look at all the fanboys on here.

rockleex3312d ago

Actually they're most likely Gamecube owners who realized they were being screwed over by Nintendo this generation.

While we PS3 owners come here to take a break from nonstop hours of Uncharted 2 gaming, "likedamaster" comes here because he has no games to play.

JD_Shadow3312d ago

You DO know that they are going to be turned on MORE now to do it because they know it pisses you off, right?

Just like we LOVE to rub these types of things in 360 fanboys' faces because they were so smug and playing the victim and claiming that the "SDF" was real until they started seeing this surge from Sony. We know how much it irritates them! Why do you think we DO it?

Serial_EDX3312d ago

Because your trash who doesn't even play the system you talk about. :)

that the reason?

madpuppy3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

just "experiencing" what the 360 had to offer me (3 dead consoles and many weeks wasted waiting)
I got rid of EVERYTHING Xbox related in my home and now own a shiny reliable PS3 and soon I will have a second PS3 for my bedroom.


Only you could could cause a customer to become so loyal to the competition.

Sarcasm3312d ago

A lot of people are forgetting that a horde of PS2 GT4 players still haven't upgraded.

They're waiting for GT5. And no, Forza 3 isn't an option for them.

They upgraded from GT1 to GT2, GT2 to GT3, GT3 to GT4. GT5 will be no different. And it's not like hardware pricing is a barrier anymore.

somerandomdude3312d ago

We already know where this strategy got turn 10. Last I checked Fora 3 was poised to flop.

XxZxX3312d ago

so that they know how crappy forza is compared to Gran Turismo?
Hhahhaha sure, if you want them to hate microsoft even more.

SL1M DADDY3312d ago

Has MS gotten so desperate? Now they are resorting to blatant customer thievery? This looks about as bad as the White House going after FOX news. It will not end well.

Xgamerzus3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

LOL , MS handing over all the refurbed RROD 360's for free I bet!!
Can I get a discontinued Vista copy as well!!!
Bend over Gamers MS is on the way!!!

Knghtz3312d ago

Redundant title is a redundant title

Microsoft Xbox 3603312d ago

Tsk tsk... MS in desperation.

kws10653311d ago

Don't try hang onto the other. Before that, your budget for advertisement needs to be shifted to the game development little bit first.

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Edward-Kraken3312d ago

One ad asks, "Upgrading your PS2? Consider an Xbox 360 Elite with over 800 games and instant HD movies in full 1080p".

Desperation at its finest.

MaximusPrime3312d ago

obviously didnt work. PS2 owner obviously have PS3 first on their mind not xbox 360

silverbeld3312d ago



N4G king3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

the next thing you'll know is this
Microsoft: please take a FREE XBOX360 and we'll suck your d!ck ....!

"Upgrading your PS2? Consider an Xbox 360 Elite"
sorry MS i wanna upgrade not downgrade
nice try by the way

Saaking3312d ago

This is the very definition of PATHETIC. I don't know how ANY person can now say the 360 is better or XBL is better. The 360 is just last gen crap.


One ad asks, "Upgrading your PS2? Consider an Xbox 360 Elite with over 800 games and instant HD movies in full 1080p".

" HD movies in full 1080p " ...Please stop the LIES

ps360master3312d ago

ummm believe it or not. but people trade ps2 towards 360s all the least at gamestop. think outside and stop rubbing your ps3..its disturbing.

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Bumpmapping3312d ago

LOL M$ is trying everything they can!

villevalorox3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

i agree with u thom.. it is dumb lo..

thedisagreefairy3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

stealth edit--

read the article

and this isnt as bad as it sounds

still kinda low though

jerethdagryphon3312d ago

its not just a oled screen in a cylnder it looks to be a variant of said tech but its closer to holographic i think

thedisagreefairy3312d ago

but i checked my comments for today

and i dont have 1 disagree


n4gno3312d ago

"Last gen the XBOX was A LOT more stable than the PS. "

in your dream cold2000, don't compare 120 millions base and problems, with the rare xbox (even if it was more reliable than 360)

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Slient Knight 93312d ago

if they offered me an 360 i would take it and then even trade it in or sell to someone i know so i get more money for games.