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GrE writes, "Confession time… I have never seen "The Warriors" movie. I don't think that is a revokable offense to my nerd street cred, but it bears mentioning. That being said, this game did in fact give me the urge to seek out and watch it. Unfortunately, that is probably the most positive thing I can say about the game. There is no question that this game borrows HEAVILY from games like Final Fight and Streets of Rage. Everything from the way that "Vermin's" special attack is just like Haggar's from Final Fight and the fact that you fight girls in high heeled boots with whips, reminiscent of Rage, though this time the girls are actually females! Further proving my point, all three feature cheeseburgers and chickens that refill your health, that can be found in of all places, trash cans..."

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bgrundman3335d ago

This sounds like a pretty shameless ripoff to me...

wondroushippo3335d ago

Please, the beat 'em up genre has been around long enough that you can make a new game with it being as derivative as you want and really, it's still original in the temporal sense.

ico923335d ago

as a huge warriors fan incredibly dissapointed why couldnt they just remake the warriors game on the ps2and xbox for the ps3 and 360 put it in hd add new moves throw in some online and the movie in a second disc or something or at least re release that armies of the night mini game on psn/xbl and upscale it to hd

bgrundman3335d ago

This is an abuse of an otherwise promising license

wondroushippo3335d ago

Really, who decided that The Warriors, a cult 70s movie, really needed to become a video game license?

Elven63335d ago

Rockstar in 2005 who made an amazing game! This is just an example of a movie studio throwing a limited budget at a game developer and asking them to get to work on the "cash cow that is video games"....

roblef3335d ago

I dunno. Beat 'em ups can totally work - check out Unbound Saga on PSP.

bgrundman3335d ago

but that is PSP, not a REAL console.

Gothdom3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

chekout the upcoming kunio-kun online game (think River City Ransom) on youtube... I think this can be fun.

roblef3335d ago

Abuse? nah. It's just a game trying to be more than it is.

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