New Nintendo DSi SKU Announced For Japan

Despite already having countless editions of the Nintendo DS this generation, there will be a new SKU released soon and it has been officially announced today.

The new Nintendo DSi will actually be almost identical to the existing DSi, but this time it will have an increased screen size - increasing it to 4". Not exactly a huge improvement over the existing model.

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Kyll3254d ago

What the heck, MORE DS' for Japan? That's seriously getting a bit much, isn't it?

SpoonyRedMage3254d ago

It means both PSP and DS will be at the fourth version now but from what I can gather this is just a bigger DSi with bigger screens for people with poor eyesight. So you now have two option for the DSi, a massive one with massive screens or a smaller one with smaller screens.

mephman3254d ago

It's a bit disappointing that they haven't tried to add more features in there.

Kyll3254d ago

Yeah, usually a hardware upgrade should have a few more features rather than singularly a larger screen. Not saying the PSP did all that much better between their upgrades though, they're both guilty.

SpoonyRedMage3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

I think it'd be too soon for such an upgrade though and there's a lot that can be added to the DSi through firmware now(like movie playback). I think it's better that they're not adding any new features as it's not actually a new version.

EDIT: It's not an ugrade though, it's the same as the DSi but with a bigger screen but that it'll mean it's a lot bulkier and possibly not as good quality(due to resolution). It is simply a DSi for people with eyesight problems.

ShawnCollier3254d ago

Eh, they'd segment the DS market even further if they added anything to this new model.

beardpapa3254d ago

Eh... Nintendo at it again milking their cow. They either add little extras and market them out knowing fully well people will buy it, or they release a bunch of new accessories slowly knowing fully well people will want em.

And I'm talking about cameras on the DSi, slightly larger screen, MotionPlus, WiiFit+, Wii Sports, WiiSports Resorts. You get the picture...

Shang-Long3254d ago

hahahahaha another one??

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Ron_Burgundy the 2nd3254d ago


kanye said not me

don't blame me

3sq3254d ago

More milking form Nintendo. Not surprised at all.

Hisiru3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Lol, I think they are right. They said "DSi will play/download videos" so... a DSi with bigger screens (costing the SAME PRICE as the normal DSi) is a good thing.

NecrumSlavery3254d ago

I'll stick with the lite until the HDSi comes out.

EpsilonTeam3253d ago

It wont come to the States/Europe this year anyway so dont hold your breath potential byers.

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