SPOnG: Aliens vs Predator Interview

Rebellion is embarking on a nostalgic project – a sequel to its ten year old classic, Aliens vs. Predator. Featuring new modes of play, additional perks for Marine, Predator and Alien and a new way of development thinking, this game could be the great return of a studio once greatly revered in the halls of PC gaming.

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ThanatosDMC3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Great interview. I hope we dont have to always do a trophy kill as a pred or alien when we melee or else we'll be too exposed to marine snipers.

I hope they also do that sniper shot to a Pred's head with a mask on will still let the pred survive but he cant do any more of his vision mode until he picks up another mask.

I really hope they use dedicated servers! I loved Infestation back in the day. The co-op survival sounds great too. I hope they have the mech in the game like in AVP2 and the ability to molt into a Queen that slaughters everybody.