New Netflix PS3 Details HD Streaming & Eventually No Disc Required

Netflix coming to PlayStation 3 next month is good news for PlayStation 3 owners (and Xbox 360 users whose primary reason for a Gold membership has been easy Netflix streaming access). But several questions about Netflix coming to Sony's platform weren't answered in the announcement release. Is there HD streaming? Why do I need a disc to access it?

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Nitrowolf22974d ago

Funny i got netflixs and the reason why i thought it was pointless because from wat i heard is on 360 you have to go to your computer and then your 360. Only reason i found that pointless for me is because i have my computer on my TV. Hey i will use this if we don't need to get on the computer and do that then.

Also where is MGR? He needs to say something like"but but but we can stream 1080P"
btw i still will mainly BD

KionicWarlord2222974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

You dont have to go on your computer anymore . The summer update allowed you to add movies to your queue on your 360 .

Nitrowolf22974d ago

ahh thats better thx for the answer. Well then the first part of my comment fails lol

KionicWarlord2222974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Netflix will mostly likely be similar . It`s not like having access to your queue is like some exclusive feature .

Its on the netflix site.


thedisagreefairy2974d ago

this is going to make 360 fans stop bringing up 1080p streaming for xbl

this is a huge win for ps3 owners

Pwee2974d ago

Indeed, this is very good news!

ActionBastard2973d ago

No, they still play it up. Nevermind PS3 owners have 1080p discs sent to them via Netflix AND streaming without the additional cost of XBL, low or high. The video of a guy streaming 1080p over a 25MB connection has solidified that the pay for Zune Marketplace is the next best thing. Makes me laugh.

Odion2973d ago

I've done the HD streaming on a 5MB line, works just fine.

SCThor2973d ago

I have a PS3 but I live outside US so doesn't affect me directly.

Good news for US PS3 owners if it's true.

DERKADER2973d ago

Now if we can just get the rest of 360's useful features like X-game party chat and in-game music streaming from your PC.

chaosatom2973d ago

Every Xbox game and feature will sooner or later come to PS3. :)

thedisagreefairy2973d ago

a bubble for this comment


deeznuts2973d ago

Streaming over the internet will not match the quality of Bluray for quite a while, but I will watch movies that are not visually critical (say some chickflicks with the lady or stand up comedies etc.) to save time. For stuff I'm turning off the lights and on the sound system, I'll still order the blu ray.

It adds another option, not necessarily a replacement.

Xbox Avatars Shoe2973d ago

Now I can stream Netflix on my Xbox 360, TiVoHD and PS3 :)

Blu-Ray's selection, quality and features are still better though.

jaysquared2973d ago

Hopefully Sony gets this one right.. All the other updates and features they knock off from M$ has all been half a$$ed jobs.. If they get Netflix Streaming exactly how the 360 has it then i'll buy a PS3 just for that!

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Saaking2973d ago

What's so great about XBL now bots? YOU FAIL.

xcox2973d ago

the ad infested "experience" with stupid avaWiitars

darthv722973d ago

I have been putting off getting a new dedicated bluray player for a while now. Been looking at the samsung bd-p1590 or maybe the 1600 as there are pretty reasonable and offer netflix and youtube streaming. If anyone has one of those, do they require a bootdisc to use the service like this proposed ps3 version?

namyrb2973d ago

It's an application that you see the moment it starts up along with youtube, pandora, and blockbuster video... for the samsung players at least. Beware that that the lowest priced model requires you to purchase a wifi adapter separately.

Godmars2902973d ago

Almost makes you want to say, "Thanks for beta testing Netflix for us 360 owners!"

The PS3 is getting 1080 streaming as well as direct movie queue access.

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