Can Windows 7 change our minds about Microsoft?


"Today, the Microsoft site is featuring a running series of tweets praising the new OS (though they're running at least a day behind - so much for real-time web search). They're also a bit too uniformly positive, so you know somebody's cherry picking. Still, it's a clever idea."

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Tony P3134d ago


One good OS doesn't change the crappy stuff MS continually forces on its customers. Case in point, stealth installing buggy add-ons into Firefox that cause vulnerabilities and instability without any easy way to remove them.

So why should I suddenly love them because I like W7?

You can't change my mind with fun new slogans and a smart campaign. Instead of ads which talk about listening and catering to your customers, how about doing precisely that on a daily basis?

Nihilism3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

The sad fact is that it will change people's minds because they believe the hype around win7.

that should dispell the rumour that win 7 is better in games, they are the same and in fact vista wins more often than not ( even if it is only 1%)

DX11 is also available for vista, don't believe the hype people, unless you own a really terrible pc and need the extra ram, it's not worth your money

HolyOrangeCows3134d ago

It's basically a slightly more efficient Vista.

How does that undo everything they have screwed me over on?

Zedux3134d ago

No they can't! I tried a torrent version of W7 for a month then I gave up and went back to Vista 64 as its better then W7 64! My pc runs faster in the Vista 64 version and I still get much better support! For people used to Vista 64 W7 means going back in time!

SaiyanFury3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

No one product will change the public outlook on Microsoft. With all of their touting of Vista and all of it's outstanding flaws, Windows 7 might be a hard sell for a lot of people. That being said, Windows 7 offers a crapload of functionality and ease that shouldn't be ignored. I installed Windows 7 on my 3 year old laptop and every device was recognised with no involvement from me. On my PC it even read my no-name wireless n-Band card from the get-go. I was online wireless before the OS had even finished installing. Windows 7 should actually be an apology issued to buyers of Vista because it has so many things going for it. It's fast, and not nearly as bloated as Vista.

A lot of people piss and moan about how their PC can't run Windows 7 or such. Many of us have up to date PCs with modern hardware with a multicore processor coupled to at least 3GB of RAM. Windows 7 is the first mainstream OS that tries to take advantage of modern hardware and makes things easy. I had Vista on my laptop where it ruined my antivirus, and it ruined my touchpad drivers. But with Windows 7, on every PC in my house, it's extremely compatible with just about everything. I can map any drive or folder on my PC to my network and my new Sony Vaio laptop can read it very fast thanks to it's new n-Band connectivity. Windows 7 is the wave of the future of PC operating systems. Want an open and compatible platform? Windows 7 is your best bet. I will say it again, I don't like M$, but Windows 7 is the best modern, compatible OS, period.

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Software_Lover3134d ago

Dont have a problem with apple. I use vista (gaming, internet). Use XP for music. Haven't had one issue. Doesn't meant some issues couldn't arrise for other users but I dont see what the problem is.

They have to make an operating system that can be installed on millions of different pc's with millions of parts. Not all pc's are the same. That is a hard thing to do.

krauley3134d ago

effortless install of win7. Ive been running the beta and rc versions for months with no problems. i think most (most doesnt mean all btw) pc problems are self inflicted by no so bright users. I know that most people i know have to ask for help on the simplest things computer related. like a father in law bringing his whole desktop over to my house to get me to fix a mouse problem. it was a wireless m/kb combo and all i had to do was hit the sync buttons. anywho win 7 is fast and smooth and will be around for a while.

Pandamobile3134d ago

I've never really had a problem with Microsoft's business side of things (i.e, anything that doesn't involve video games). Their customer service has been more than helpful to me over the years, I've had a stable installation of Windows Vista x64 for over two years now and I can get Windows 7 for $40 with that student offer.

Kushan3134d ago

How are video games NOT business? Its all business, MS (And Sony and Nintendo for that matter) are in it for the money, like any other business.

y0haN3134d ago

How the hell can you misconstrue what he is saying. He means the OS side of things, not Xbox, not Games for Windows, not Microsoft Points. Just Windows.

Magnus3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I chose a mac no problems so far I find the Apple programs to be cheaper than a Microsoft program. Microsoft office was $150 for PC, $200 for one that works with both mac and pc. And I bought a $70 Apple version of Microsoft Office no problems so far.

roybatty3134d ago

What allot of Mac fans don't tell you (or realize) is that Windows will run on damn near all PC's.
Wether it's a corei7 beast, or some sh1tty celaron you dusted off and powered up. Now Mac OS is nice,
but the systems Apple sell you to run it on, are DAYLIGHT ROBBERY.
What I'm saying here is, basically, you can buy a cheap net book if you like and W7 (xp or vista) will run on it fine. The cheapest thing you can get from apple in the way of a notebook, is a macbook, and they are still a 1000 bones before taxes. And desktops? Forget Apple unless you have money to burn.

duplissi3134d ago

you should try open office- completely free and does everything ms office does

Viper73134d ago

It doesnt really matter if most people use windows, Mac seems to be rather fitting for common pc users who just want to do their job, surf in the internet and use it to play or create different kinds of media.
There are office programs, image editing software, video and music editing software, probably 3d software, support for different kinds of coding.

as much as there are things Mac fans dont tell you there are also a lot of things that MS or their fans don't tell you. few examples worth to mention are: Their inability to follow standards (IE), Their constant urge to harden their monopoly trough making software or tools that do not support other operating systems (example: Office, Visual basic, etc) while other OS software developers cant afford to do this.

There are just too many things to hate about Microsoft for one operating system to clear their image. Hopefully Mac and Google can set some competition for Windows in the future and maybe Microsoft will actually have to get serious about their software development, a company big and powerful as Microsoft can do way better software they do now.

Software_Lover3134d ago


There is a MAC O.S. version of Microsoft office. + you can install windows on a MAC, because afterall its just a pc. So they do try to get their software working on as many personal computers (be it apple macs/or regular pc's) as possible.

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