PushSquare's Playstation Picks: 26th - 1st November

PushSquare: "Quite an exciting week in the PushSquare office this week, with two of our personal most anticipated games hitting store shelves.

PushSquare's Playstation Pick Of The Week: DJ Hero [EU/USA] – PS2/PS3

Ok, so it's really fucking expensive, but it's crammed to the rafters with music you should like, and the gameplay genuinely looks like a lot of fun.Plus it has Daft Punk in it. Come on guys, Daft Punk! Have a heart.


The Iron Fist Tournament returns in both Europe and America, with the return of Tekken in Tekken 6. Insomniac Games' lovable duo Ratchet & Clank return to the USA with A Crack In Time on Tuesday. And finally LocoRoco Midnight Carnival hits the American Playstation Network for just $14.99 this Thursday.

Whadda're You Buyin'?"

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