IGN Video: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition Unboxing

IGN opens the rare Fortune Hunter Edition of Uncharted 2.

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Briyen3252d ago

is a nerd... but one lucky nerd =(

BulletToothtony3252d ago

but i find him funny as hell.. his reviews and opinions are usually dead on.. he's one of my fave people in ign..

playstation1233252d ago

I want that sooo badd, because im gonna sell it in 10 years and make like 10000000 dollars.

Ron_Burgundy the 2nd3251d ago

in 10 years, it'll belong in a museum

Uncharted 5: Search for UC2 Fortune Hunter Edition

0_o :P :P

johnmark19823251d ago

wonder what the dagger is actually made of. the fortune hunter set looked cool

junk-3d3251d ago

yeah, I would love to add the dagger to my entertainment room display case. I just hope that it is a better build quality than the uber cheap Batarang from Arkham Asylum.