Gametrailers Assassin's Creed Interview (parts 1 & 2 with Jade Raymond)

Here are two interviews hosted by Gametrailers with Jade Raymond, about Ubisoft's game Assassin's Creed.

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sak5004198d ago

Yeah more Jade. Can't get enough of her ;) oops can't get enough of Assassin's creed.

closedxxx4198d ago

Ubisoft PM- "Hey who's the hot receptionist chick?"
Ubi employee- "Oh yeah, she's new"
Ubi PM- "And she's hot! Get her briefed on our latest title, she's our new spokesperson"

And Jade was born

Bill Nye4198d ago

Jade's first job was a programmer. She's also a host on G4, or used to be.

She's not just a pretty face, that's why most people like her.

VirtualGamer4198d ago

this game had lost its hype for me since it was revealed. Now with all this new information not only is the hype back but I would say its even more. Hopefully when its released it will live up to everyones expectations. I have my fingers crossed. Keep up the good work Ubisoft!

Annihilator4198d ago

between two consoles. I want a game that is the best it can be !

closedxxx4198d ago

What's REALLY the scenerio surround Assassin's creed? Is the main character some type of cyborg from the future (ala the TERMINATOR) or is the whoel thing some high-tech simulation? I just don't understand where that High Tech HUD and menu design come into play. I've looked a tthat clip a few times where the main character gets defeated, and you catch a glimpse of the uber modern menu... interesting

FCOLitsjustagame4198d ago

Well, she said there is no time travel involved.
She also said it is not the matrix.

So, well, other then ruling out Terminator Cyborg and complete computer simulated world I cant say for sure. I have heard the "living someone elses memory" I guess like the character in Armor is possible. But seeing how they didnt have anyway to record the guys memories that would be odd, unless its genetic memory or something.....