Gearbox Sneaks Stellar Diablo II Reference into Borderlands

Gamervision writes:
"Gearbox has made their love of Diablo clear while working on Borderlands. They've straight-up said that they tried their best to copy the loot system, and the game can definitely be described as "Diablo with guns."

After playing through the game, it became obvious that they copied more than just the loot system, as seen in the image above..."

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Thatlalala3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Found a Shield called cracked sash, and a shotgun called Tk's Third leg. awesome game.

Grandreaper99993215d ago

I'm pretty sure all of the fallen ones say his name.

DruePhoenix3215d ago

ha, that's pretty awesome

hoju693215d ago

who can forget "Mad Mel" and "Bruce Mclane". The pop culture references seem endless.

Relientk773215d ago

If this game is Diablo with guns, then basically I am getting it

Diablo 2 is probably the best pc game period (in my opinion)

Arnon3215d ago

It really is. There's over like... 500,000 weapons?

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