AggroGamer Review: Wii ElectroFlow Inductive Charger

AggroGamer: "Since the Wii has come to market and the need for keeping those WiiMotes charged and useable has been a concern for hardcore gamers. So then the rechargeable AA batteries got pulled back out and WiiMote specific chargers began to get pumped onto the scene. Some were good. Some just horrid. But they all kept things working as long as it was just the WiiMote you had and nothing else. Not even the gel jacket to protect TV's around the world.

These chargers were workable as long as you didn't care taking the extra time to slide out and disassemble everything to charge the batteries or swap in new ones. Something that could be a slight chore with all the add-ons and protection connected. A chore that could mean the difference between getting your gaming on in the most efficient way. Well at least in a timely manner. I know I wouldn't want to miss out on a precious five minutes of gaming because I need to change batteries."

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