PS3 Commercials are Actually Good Now… Wait, What? takes aim at Sony, again, but instead of flame bait, hilariously praises Sony's latest PS3 commercials.

From the article: "Finally someone with a brain was hired. They finally came up with something catchy. Something funny. Something simple. Coinciding with the $299 price drop, Sony released a commercia blitz that is openly poked fun at themselves for denying that a price drop would happen. Honestly, what other company has the balls to make fun of themselves in that nature. Microsoft? Nintendo? Apple? Hah. Yeah right."

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Ratchet_Co3339d ago

I really like the new commercials. My favourite would have to be the Uncharted 2 commercial.

Lifendz3339d ago

just would love to see one that really touts the system's free online. Maybe that'll come when they start advertising Netflix.

Oh, and how good is it to see Sony advertising again? I got so used to seeing 360 ads that seeing a PS3 logo was almost shocking.

kaveti66163339d ago

I hate the Uncharted 2 commercial. Look, remember the Gear of War commercials? Those were awesome. They didn't show actor's reactions to the games or some half-assed attempt at humor starring the guy from those Geico commercials. Gears of War, Mad World, epic commercial. Sony should do these kinds of commercials.