Microsoft Responds To PS3 Netflix Announcement

The announcement that video streaming service Netflix would be headed to PlayStation 3 next month left many wondering if Microsoft would respond by dropping the Xbox Live Gold membership requirement to use the service on the Xbox 360.

That answer, as of today, is no.

A company spokesperson reiterated to IGN the value of Xbox Live Gold status, saying it's online experience is still a generation ahead of the competition.

"The Netflix experience on Xbox LIVE is unique and reflects our commitment for social entertainment. We believe we offer an experience today that is a generation ahead of what others are offering," the spokesperson said. "For a little over $4 a month Xbox LIVE Gold membership is hands-down the best value in home entertainment, and gives you exclusive access multi-player gaming and early demos as well as Facebook, Twitter, Netflix,, "1 vs 100" and more."

Unlike Xbox Live members, PlayStation 3 owners will not have to pay an additional charge outside of the monthly Netflix subscriber fee of $8.99.

Will you be moving your Netflix service to PlayStation 3? Or continue to remain on Xbox 360?

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KionicWarlord2223335d ago


"The Netflix experience on Xbox LIVE is unique and reflects our commitment for social entertainment. We believe we offer an experience today that is a generation ahead of what others are offering," the spokesperson said. "For a little over $4 a month Xbox LIVE Gold membership is hands-down the best value in home entertainment, and gives you exclusive access multi-player gaming and early demos as well as Facebook, Twitter, Netflix,, "1 vs 100" and more."

droid and bot3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

translation = "blah blah blah blah blah LIVE IZ TEH BETTERZ AND TEH SONY SUCKEZ blah blah blah blah"


Darkeyes3335d ago

It's like a kid who's neighbor got a better bike and is consoling himself every minute that his bike is better... Calling XBL GENERATION AHEAD??? And BEST VALUE Haha.... Sorry, I am better off with a FREE service. Funny how a GENERATION AHEAD service doesn't support dedicated servers...

Looks like a few people at M$ are butthurt at the announcement... Don't blame them really. Just a few more features and it's on par with LIVE.. Then lets see how M$ pulls a price hike on LIVE.

Greywulf3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

XBL has valid reasons to justify the surcharge, but that list is dwindling. The man lists Netflix as a reason to use it...and things you do over a web browser for free while making an argument for the purchase of the service.

I think XMB invites/VOicemail/XmbChat/XMBm usic is at least a more appropriate reason... And since when is multiplayer gaming exclusive to the 360?

I mean, he listed 1 vs 100 people... when you say "and more!" the first part of that should be great defining reasons.

StanLee3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

One question, will the PS3 have the same party feature as Netflix on the PS3? Been watching Mythbusters and Heroes with my buddies recently and that's a really fun feature to have.

Edit @ Hellangelzx

Man, if anything cross game chat and party chat are worth the yearly subscription to XBL. Just last night we watched a Mythbusters episode, watched 30 Rock Season 3 and all while 2 of my friends were in Trinidad, 1 in Florida, 2 in Brooklyn and 1 in London. Then we just sat around taking about nothing until 3 a.m while a few of us played COD4 and a few played Halo 3 and my friend in London played Forza 3. Pretty freaking sweat. :D

mrv3213335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

I think XMB invites/VOicemail/XmbChat/XMBm usic is at least a more appropriate reason...

We have XMB invites and in-game music... have had them for quite some time. XMB chat is rumoured to be on it's way but I'm not holding my breath.

EDIT @ DISAGREES. Well I was actually luying, sorry. I was just on Warhawk and I could play my music in-game and that's not in-game music. I also believe resistance uses cross game invites... So please tell me I'm not dreaming these games.

slayorofgods3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

"A company spokesperson(MS) .... (says) it's online experience is still a generation ahead of the competition"

Now that's funny!!!!

ZombieNinjaPanda3335d ago


Dunno that's a good question. I'm leaning more towards no because we don't have cross game chat/parties yet.

However, it may change.

paul03883335d ago

What's going to happen when Sony finally implements cross game voice chat? It's already just about as good as live...

Unfortunately, I still pay for it too but if the price increases like predicted... Bye Bye Xbox...

Ryo-Hazuki3335d ago

Why are they bringing up facebook and twitter to justify a $50 membership? lol I can easily access that on my ps3 for FREE.

04soldier3335d ago

More like... ''A fool and his money shall soon be parted. '' Thats better.

Soldierone3335d ago

The thing i find funny about this is he uses two ENTIRELY free services, facebook and Twitter, that not only can be accessed on PS3 but is useuelly for PC to justify a 50 dollar price tag. Should we be paying a 50 dollar fee to use those services on our computers? Not only that both features were just RECENTLY added to Xbox...yet people were paying for years. So what exactly were they paying for? Two basic features doesnt make it a generation ahead.

honestly im looking for a very truthful answer and ill completely listen to you. Im not being a fanboy or anything, I just truly want to know what is great about Xbox Live that makes it worth paying 50 bucks. Dont say x Chat because thats not anything i care all. Dont say Facebook and twitter cus those are on PS3 too. Think of me as a customer im deciding to either go entirely free PSN or pay 50 bucks for Live, why should i pay the 50 bucks?

Wrek Gar3335d ago

You are right that the PS3 does not offer cross game chat (soon will as leaked by the Naughty dog Dev). But if I was reading the press release right it will offer the BD Live features. If and I say "IF" that is true you will be able to basically "party up" with your friends from around the world to watch movies or TV shows. I am not sure if is voice chat but it is definitely text. Also if some or all of the BD Live features make it to this streaming it will definitely top the NETFLIX service on Live.

cliffbo3335d ago

why is it that people keep saying that LIVE is better than PSN because it has feature a) and b) and yet ignore features like HOME, Vidzone, BBCiplayer and browsing? these are not on LIVE, so of course they have to be ignored to keep this whole crapppy myth going. as of now, PSN is better than LIVE and once it gets cross game chat it will be generations ahead of it's competition

Dareaver13335d ago

reasons were good enough as to why he pays for Live, and they work for me. I've always been happy with my Live service. Different strokes for different folks. Why does it matter to anyone else as to why you like the service.

For all the PSN people, you don't pay for your service, great for you. Many Live gamers aren't complaining. It seems as though the ones that are complaining are the rabid PSN havers. Not all, just the rabid ones.

Live and let live i say, stop the fanboy hate. Respect all gamers please. We make our own decisions on what we buy and how we use our money. It really shouldn't matter to anyone else.

Game on people.

HDgamer3335d ago

Just like rabid 360 fanboys complaining about PSN for no apparent reason except jealousy.

bruddahmanmatt3335d ago that Netflix and cross game chat are on the way to PSN, still think Live is worth $50? Just watch, in two months whenever a PSN vs. Live thread pops up xbot comments will go from "but we have cross game chat and you don't" to "but we have cross game invites and you don't"...well until PSN gets cross game invites of course. hahaha.

pixelsword3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

See what you get when you accept corporations nickel and diming you for things you ought to get for free?

More Charges.

I Love the XboX, I HATE the fees.

Don't get me wrong, There's a value in it, but if started charging you to send e-mail, that's basically the same thing: because there's "value" to that, too.

UnwanteDreamz3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

"Man, if anything cross game chat and party chat are worth the yearly subscription to XBL" - stanlee

Who didn't see that one coming?

sikbeta3335d ago

Translation: Live is not better but you still pay for it, so in order to not let you down we'll say is better and has bla bla bla features that are free in other console XD

ultimolu3335d ago

*facepalms at statement*

HolyOrangeCows3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

"For a little over $4 a month Xbox LIVE Gold"
*You aren't offered this option, this is a fabrication to spin the price.
It's either $50 for the unforeseen year or $20 for 3 months.

"gives you exclusive access multi-player gaming"
*Because P2P servers are a privilege. lol

"early demos"
*As we screw over people without Gold

"as well as Facebook, Twitter, Netflix,"
*Translation: Why get the better versions of things on a computer for FREE, when you can pay for it?

DaKid3335d ago

Can anyone tell me if you need that disk to watch netflix on the PS3? or is there a software download coming later?

Tony P3335d ago

So what's so great about XBL these days?

Months ago I would have been able to make a list, but that list runs so much shorter now. It seems XBL is fast going from the eminent online service to "that thing you pay for out of habit". Twitter,, Facebook... Nice bells and whistles, but what are the killer features now?

darthv723335d ago

"Will you be moving your Netflix service to PlayStation 3? Or continue to remain on Xbox 360?"

No need to move it. I can take advantage of both. 360 in the front room when I want to watch some 'flix.

PS3 in the game room when I am out there and want to watch some 'flix. I have two 360's and hated the fact I couldnt watch the service from either location at the same time because it was all tied to my gamertag. I may have wanted to fire up some stuff for the kids while the wife and I watched a suspense movie.

Now that can happen...just wondering if Netflix will even let me view two streams logged in as the same account on different units at the same time.

JustTheFactsMam3335d ago

It's $4/month for each family member.

Which is $16/month or $192/year or $960/5 years for the average family.

Or you can buy 3 PS3 slims instead. Or 5 360 Arcade systems.

Of course with the 3 PS3 route you still get to play on-line for free with 32, 64 and 256 players on the same map. And 3 top Blu-ray players.

The 360 route you can play with yourself and watch DVD.

Alvadr3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

MS need to check the PSN every so often. Its a vast imrovement to what it was.

Charging for demos, netflix, facebook, twitter & online play is just ridiculous. All those are free on the PSN and they are all free everywhere else.

They only way they will stop charging for it is if people dont renew and take their gaming elsewhere. At the moment they can charge for it so they will but those days are no doubt numbered

thesummerofgeorge3335d ago

Sure, but I don't see anyone saying you or anyone else can't peacefully enjoy Live, live and let Live (pun intended), but we should also be able to discuss whether or not we think it's worth it, which in theory shouldn't impede on anyone's enjoyment or use of said service.

Personally I think Microsoft needs to come up with a better excuse for taking your money every year with the competition offering a similar service free of charge (one that's perpetually improving), and I think they know it.

Shepherd 2143335d ago

A cardboard box in an alleyway is free and will get you buy. A nice apartment or house costs money however. Guess i'll go for the cardboard box since its free.


JustTheFactsMam3335d ago

Because PAYING to access those "you get what your pay for free" services like Twitter, Facebook is smarter. LOL. Man the bulb intensity of some arguments on here is priceless.

Google is free. Facebook is free. Twitter is free. PSN is free. All market leaders. LOL. Xbox Live. Laggard.

It must hurt that a free service outperforms a paid service. 16 players from MS vs 256 players from Sony. Live an order of magnitude behind after a 5 year lead. Man you have to be really lazy to underachieve like that. But hey you get to pay for access to free apps as well. LOL.

Who wouldn't want it to be free? MS employees is my guess.

Wasting your money means you will be on the street living in a cardboard box long before me.

Ausbo3335d ago

Microsoft always copies sony.

SONY NEVER copies other companies.
Excuse me, i have to bow down to a statue of Kaz Hirai

rockleex3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

The more correct metaphor is actually Microsoft charging its userbase to pay for a "cardboard box" while people can get it for free on other services.


Cool, I respect your religion of bowing down to corporate statues. Not sure why you felt the need to tell any of us, but good for you.

*pats Ausbo on the back*

somerandomdude3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

You know,
If you weren't throwing your money away on xbox live instead of using a product that is just as good for free (The PSN) then you wouldn't have to live in a cardboard box. Come on now, be smart with your money!!

Rhythmattic3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

here in Australia its approx $80, which is $74 US Dollars... And thats when our dollars a .91 US cents..

Best thing is Cross Game chat.. But is that Worth $80 ? Because here in Oz thats the only advantage XBL offers over PSN.

PSN has just as much, if not more content than XBL here . Go Figure....

I had to pay the money to play with friends online.... And thats where MS got me.. in the end. (pun intended)

Sarcasm3335d ago

"For a little over $4 a month Xbox LIVE Gold membership"

Is it me or do they use the same excuses as 360 fanboys? Justifying $200 over the past 4 years of XBL into "$4 a month"

XxZxX3334d ago

My Respond to Microsoft Responds To PS3 Netflix Announcement

SL1M DADDY3334d ago

I have used PlayOn for months now and when the PS3 get's the Netflix app, I will be using that.

callahan093334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

"Man, if anything cross game chat and party chat are worth the yearly subscription to XBL. Just last night we watched a Mythbusters episode, watched 30 Rock Season 3 and all while 2 of my friends were in Trinidad, 1 in Florida, 2 in Brooklyn and 1 in London. Then we just sat around taking about nothing until 3 a.m while a few of us played COD4 and a few played Halo 3 and my friend in London played Forza 3. Pretty freaking sweat. :D"

-- StanLee.

When you put it like that, cross-game / party chat sounds like it could be a pretty nice feature. Unfortunately for me, I have only 3 friends with an Xbox 360, two of whom don't have a Live Gold membership. The third is actually my brother, he does have Live Gold, but he has a lot of friends who happen to use Xbox Live. Whenever he's on his 360, he's always in a party chat with some of his friends, and he'll invite me into the chat, but I never enjoy being there, because I'm not friends with any of those guys, so I just feel like I'm left out of all the discussion. They're talking about stuff that doesn't interest me, and they're not interested in anything I'd have to say, because I barely know any of them, because I don't even live in the same state as my brother. So I've never been able to get an enjoyable experience out of the Party Chat, but for my brother and for you, it sounds like an awesome feature.

I only have 2 friends with a PS3, though, and they're my brother and another good friend. I'd definitely use the cross-game chat with my good friend on PS3 if the feature came out for the PS3, but I still wouldn't really use it on the 360 because I don't enjoy being in the party chat with my brother with all of his friends, and my only personal friends with 360's don't have Live Gold.

It wasn't until I started writing this comment that I realized how few of my friends have made the jump to a PS3 or 360. A lot of my friends have Wii, but hardly anyone has bought a PS3 or 360. My best friend, though, has been talking about getting a PS3 since the price drop, but he hasn't done it yet.

Ravage273334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

mentioning Facebook and Twitter as some kind of exclusive feature is absolutely retarded. Those services are free in the first place and using them to justify the cost of Live is nonsense.

Wonder if M$ knows that all PS3 comes with a web browser :/

Shepherd 2143334d ago

no, i will not ever be out on the street because i make smart decisions with my money. Facebook and Twitter are additional features that are nice. Im paying for my gaming service because i can cross-game chat with my close friends. If i get PSN, i will not be able to talk with my close friends. Do you have friends? If you do, guess ya gotta go buy all of his games to talk to him. PSN is FINALLy about to get cross game chat, three years after the system's launch. I've had cross game chat for four years. Guess thats what a free service gets yoy.

JustTheFactsMam3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

I was responding to your dumb statements. If you don't have something intelligent to say then better to keep quiet next time. Especially when you don't know what your talking about.

I video chat with people over PSN. Several people at the same time in fact. You could be seeing those friends and not just talking to them. For free.

I can also do group chats. And soon cross-game chat.

Remember YOUR the one that made the dumb you get what you pay for free statements in a thread about MS making you to pay for access to free services. Not me.

But hey at least your last post was a bit better. Just a bit. Keep it up.

Shepherd 2143333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

you may be able to video chat with your friends and talk in a group of friends all you want.

But I have the ability to play Borderlands while talking to my friend who is playing Fallout. He's telling me his hilarious situation while im telling him about the thousands of guns i've found. This has not been possible on the PS3 for three years. This HAS been possible on 360 for four years. Im not going to sit at the dashboard doing nothing in order to talk to my friends; cross-game chat enables 8 different people to talk while all of them are playing their respective games. Its a glorious feature that i use every night and partially justifies my Xbox Live fee.

You seem like a cool guy, but you need to get your head out of your ass. Its my money not yours, and playing different games while talking to several other people who are playing different games is worth $50 a year to me, because its barely a fraction of my two week routine paycheck. im a very social person, and i enjoy good company while playing my games. My paid service has given me this benefit for four years, and your free service is just now getting the feature three years down the road. This is the main point of my argument, and its not going to change because im happy.

Maybe next time, hope your keeping up.

JustTheFactsMam3332d ago

Dude YOUR the one that started with the stupid it's a worthless cardboard box because it's free argument. You. Not me. I never said you shouldn't pay for something you want to pay for. Never. Just how stupid your argument was when your paying to access free apps while also claiming free equals cardboard box status.

PSN has lots of features XBL doesn't so don't pull the crap you get what you pay for again because it isn't true. You get 16 player games. I've been playing 40 player games of mayhem since launch. I'm playing a beta with 256 players now. Order of magnitude increase over the top FPS's on Live. I've been playing on fully dedicated servers from day one. Your still playing on player hosted servers. It works both ways. PSN has features that are better than XBL. You've been waiting 4 years for them and I've only be waiting 3 years for cross-game chat.

If your into socializing so much then you would actually enjoy Home. Because that's what it is. One big social gathering with lots of mini games to break the ice.

Great that you like talking during a game about something else. I like to talk and co-ordinate with my team mates in the current game I'm playing. I'm just intense that way. I didn't say good. Just intense. Cross-game chat seems to open up a lot of opportunities for cheating that could ruin games IMO. We will see if it's the panacea people are painting. How do they prevent people spying for other teams if you can cross chat at the OS level?

When I want to talk with people for socializing and see them I use video chat. Does XBL support up to 6 people doing video chat together? Again for someone that wants to socialize having your friend tell you a story and see him seems like a great match. Especially when you can do it with multiple people that can all see each other and have fun with it. Does the paid service offer some of the above features?

You still haven't answered why you wouldn't prefer XBL to be free. Attacking PSN isn't an answer. It's just cover fire.

PSN has some significant features over XBL and it's free. So like I said don't pull the cardboard box crap again. It's not true.

Just answer the question why you wouldn't want it to be free.

JustTheFactsMam3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

I guess a group of someones out there doesn't like people stating facts about PSN and XBL.

And certainly don't want the question answered to it's logical conclusion.

Edit: Hmm now they are back. Weird. Take it back.

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Gabe EatsWell3335d ago

Cry more M$!!!!!!!!!


ReviewsArePolitics3335d ago

where's that damage controlling spc ?

silverbeld3335d ago

^^ agree

Bots cry this year too often.

Bots stop cry like baby. You guys ask for it.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

You'd know that netflix was planned to come out on all Blu Ray players. Really though, its overrated. Their instant queue titles are a bunch of rubbish. Yeah, I can't wait to watch the toxic avenger on my power hungry console!

The PS Store is still your best option for watching newer movies on your console.

As far as Facebook and Twitter go, the PS3 has had that capability since launch - its called a web browser.

crazyturkey3335d ago

need netflix to succeed on the PS3 so that MS feels threaten and allows netflix access to silver members too.

maniacf403335d ago

everybody already knows the crap60 is a rip off and a pile of garbage. even xbot owners know this.

Biggunz3335d ago

You would have to be a moron to try to justify the price of Live anymore.

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ifhd3335d ago

MS need to drop the Xbox LIVE Gold membership.

Venomish3335d ago

xbox owners need to stop trying to justify the $50 fee, it is getting pathetic.

a word to xbox owners. you DONT have to justify your xbox LIVE fee. it is very simple. You have xbox and you like its games. you want to play the games you like online. You can't do that unless u have GOLD account. You have no other choice but to say **** it and pay the fee and enjoy ur games and features.
you just have to pay because u want to play online. plain and simple. no need to make false arguments, try to convince urself it is much better. you don't need to humiliate urselves no more.

MaximusPrime3335d ago

drop live subscription and i probably will return to Xbox 360. I really missed Test Drive Unlimited.

Anyone have news on its sequel? Test Drive Unlimited 2?

Soldierone3335d ago

Look at it from a business stand point. People can and WILL pay the fee. Xbox has trained all the consumers into thinking its the better service and made them believe the 50 dollars is justifiable. If people are happily paying the 50 dollars and liking it, why make it free? Its like handing out games for free. If people want the game they will pay the 60 dollar price tag, if they dont it wont sell and the game can then be price cut and or free.

Meanwhile Sony has stated PSN is "just as good" and use it to sell the console. Therefore your paying for PSN when you buy the console, they have no leg room to charge for PSN because of that. They charge and they can no longer say "well PSN is free, more bang for your buck."

Venomish3335d ago

yep, xbox live should be free, and yes microsoft is ripping gamers off with the $50 fee.
xbox owners can either protest and not pay sacrificing their online gaming in xbox games. or they can just pay the fee and enjoy the games KNOWING that they are being ripped off.
justifying the fee when the ps3 offer free online is just self-humiliating.

gamingisnotacrime3335d ago

You speak the truth
I wont say that the $50 for Live are not worth it because it depends on what feutures you use BUT online gaming should be FREE. No excuses, take away all the fancy stuff, just let me play Halo, Gears, CoD4, Forza 3, etc etc online!!!
Well no matter now, i sold my 360, Why? Imagine buying Forza 3 or Halo ODST and not being able to play online, after paying a $60 tag and not online!?!?!? WTF?!?!?
Yeah im angry i used to like my 360, halo online is alive and the community is HUGE, But fk paying for online play

those are my 2 cents

Anorexorcist3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Halo ODST has shown that most "dedicated" 360 owners will gladly and blindly pay for just about anything Microsoft rolls down the pike. They know the Live junkies will still pay extra for the Gold, even when its once-unique features and options can be found elsewhere for less.

Microsoft's corporate aphorism: "Why pity and nurture the cows when they'll keep giving us the same amount of milk either way?"

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Pennywise3335d ago

Why are they even responding to this? Its just making them look bad trying to convince people their streaming will be better. I see no proof. I streamed a movie from the internet last night on my PS3 and I think it buffered one time at the beginning. I bet Netflix is better...

MS just had to take this opportunity to go into a self indulgent sales pitch.

They have some balls talking about Facebook and Twitter too. I have been checking my facebook on the PS3 for a long time. Do they really not comprehend what an internet browser does? I know it is easy to ignore the competition... but when you are directly responding to their new announcements, don't pretend like existing features were never their.

LordMarius3335d ago

lol, having facebook and twitter as your sales pitch for LIVE, dumb bots