Warhawk hits the one million milestone

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Two years later, though, the title is still kicking and has finally hit the one million player mark, according to the online leader boards! Incognito deserves a salute for managing to achieve that number. They have been especially supportive of the online community, releasing several DLC packages to keep the game fresh.

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guitarded773251d ago

Love me some Warhawk.. Can't wait for Starhawk!

gaffyh3251d ago

Warhawk was awesome at the time, but I got bored of it after a while. Hopefully starhawk has a great singleplayer mode as well.

thedisagreefairy3251d ago

that number a year ago.

its a good game. i suck at it though. i bought it when everyone was already badass at it.

i didnt like the noob rooms either.

but i see why it is a fan favorite for many ppl.

zeeshan3251d ago

Checked the Demo but didn't ever buy it. Hopefully, the next game will be even better. Congrats to the devs behind it!

gaffyh3251d ago

I think the main reason people didn't buy it was because, 1, it was early on in PS3s lifecycle, and 2, it was multiplayer only.

Dark General3251d ago

Warhawk was the game that got me hooked on playing online, before that I didn't like online much. I'm glad it was a pretty successful game despite being multiplayer only.

BkaY3251d ago

still playing it every single day.... weekends completely dedicated to this baby.... never played a game tht long in 19 yrs of my gaming...

and its my first online experience.... if you want to have fun in this game then join a clan .... above anything else.. "have fun"


psn: BkaY

gamesR4fun3251d ago

and still loving it

this games given me more playtime than all the gta's put together.

cyberwaffles3251d ago

warhawk was awesome at the time, but it would be infinitely better if it had a solid single player and a bad ass co-op mode. personally i think the game requires classes considering the scope of the game. it's basically a third person battlefield game with a mixture of halo.

can't wait for the next warhawk/starhawk game. i'm just not sure if they should keep the auto aim or include manual aiming like most shooters.

randomwiz3251d ago

Warhawk - most undersold, and underrated game this gen.

hopefully starhawk is just as awesome and gets more sales. They deserve it.

PinkUni3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

i think they screwed up on the ground combat

the aerial combat was perfect and smooth, but there wasnt enough warhawks most of the time

and if u were ever in a jeep or on foot, its impossible to go up against a tank or a warhawk

the graphics were absolutely perfect but the flaws were there

if they had made it more like socom with the infantry controls
and balance out so humans could actually survive and do some damage it would have been much much better

i mean humans only had one rifle haha and if u ran into those mines it was instant death
not very fair
kinda frustrating, thats why i stopped

but i still loved it, worth every penny

Chubear3251d ago

A million for an online only Downloadable game? Men oh men they made some good money on this title. So it's looking like 1.5-2mill life time, awesome.

As wee all know, success to PS3 exclusives mean - insanely improved quality for it's sequels. Starhawk with SP campaign here we come! woot! :D :D :D

Serial_EDX3251d ago

and yet 180,000 pre-orders is crap.

Talk about biased and hypocrites.

vickers5003251d ago

"Warhawk FTW"

More like Warhawk wtf. Seriously, this game just now hit a million copies? When piece of sh*t games like halo odst sell 2 million in the first week, this game takes years to sell just ONE million. People are so damned stupid/ignorant and will settle for pure crap.

Uzesgelen_Goo3251d ago

#3. most of them turned General etc i'm at Air Marshal but General rank looking so far away heh (^^)

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thebudgetgamer3251d ago

warhawk is one of the best online game ive ever played.



one of my favorites this gen, and i hope starhawk has 4 player split screen aswell with single player

GodsHand3251d ago

They need to start releasing maps for this game, I could care less about the little extras like jet pack, dropship etc., they are nice but are not really needed IMO.

Some extra maps are needed, and force team balance. I hate it when you join a game that is stacked, and there is no way of leaving your spawn base.

Also that one trophy of having a fully loaded Dropship is hard to get, no one ever wants to get in the damm thing. Atleast not 6 people.

mrv3213251d ago

One thing I'd like to see is a mobile AA gun, basically a tank that instead of a turret is the AA gun. That would be cool

I'd like to see a mode with two large ships are battling it out and your goal is to land your warhawk reach it's reactors and destory them or just hit it with another missiles.

gauntletpython3251d ago

I wonder if they'll add anything else, considering it's essentially been confirmed they are working on Starhawk?

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