Evil Avatar: Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space Review

Evil Avatar writes: "The adventure game genre is a beast that many developers try to tackle. It has spawned many great 2D and 3D games from the side scroller to the sandbox shoot 'em up that many people enjoy on Xbox Live Arcade. Before those type of games took off we had the point and click adventures where you tried to solve puzzles and advance through a linear story. Telltale Games has taken on the task of trying to revitalize this series with the Sam & Max franchise, releasing both seasons as separate downloadable games. Each game comes with at least five episodes telling their own unique story and sticking true to its PC origins. However, originally released in 1993, this formula is one that does not port well from mouse and keyboard to joystick controller."

The Good

* Updated graphics.

The Bad

* Graphical glitches including the screen pausing for a load.
* Moving the inaccurate cursor with a joystick to click on an item hidden behind three different objects.

The Ugly

* Where is my second joystick control?

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