IGN: DJ Hero Review

Daemon Hatfield wrote: "For many, exactly what a DJ does up in that DJ booth at the club is a mystery. But now you can find out with DJ Hero, the latest in the never-ending line of Hero games from Activision. Because this is a new type of music game, there's a lot to explain, but let's get this out of the way first: DJ Hero is fantastic. It's one of the best games this year and one of the best music games ever. Hopefully you've saved space for one more plastic instrument in your living room, because you're gonna' want to have DJ Hero on hand for your next party."

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xbox360achievements2950d ago

Seems spot on to me from what I've played of it.

Serial_EDX2950d ago

I played it and its actually a very unique and very fun game.

EvanVolm2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

IGN gave DJ Hero a favorable review. Who would've guessed?!?!

foxtheory2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Isn't that what they gave Ratchet and Clank ACiT? That's bulls**t!!!

fredrikpedersen2948d ago

Huh, I guess it's good then