GameFocus: Gran Turismo PSP Review

GameFocus writes: "After been delayed, halted, abducted by aliens and almost canceled, Polyphony Digital finally released Gran Turismo, the most anticipated title in the history of the PSP, earlier this month. Promising unparalleled gameplay and realistic graphics, the game has been heavily touted by Kazunori Yamauchi since it was first announced in 2004. Yes, five years have passed and even though the game manages to barely stand out over its closest competitors, you do ask yourself if the game really needed that many development years."


+ Car models are great
+ Driving mechanics are solid
+ Great soundtrack and engine sounds
+ 800 cars, great selection of tracks
+ Challenge mode
+ Possibility to export your saved garage to Gran Turismo 5


- No career mode
- Bland environments
- Can't modify cars...just tuned them

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