GameFocus: Order of War Review

GameFocus writes: "ORDER OF WAR features massive-scale battles brought to life with a cinematic intensity never seen before in a WWII strategy game. Players take command of an entire army including ground troops, artillery, tank divisions and aircraft in all-out strategic assaults. The single-player mode can be played out in two campaigns - American versus German forces on the western front and German versus Russian on the eastern front. Missions will be based on key historic events and operations from 1944."


+ Great graphics
+ All the audio (except voice work) is good
+ Cinematic Camera is a nice touch
+ Very easy game for RTS newbies to pick up


- quick battles do not make a good game
- much better RTS games out there
- does not bring anything new to the RTS genre
- Voice work is horrible
- Company of Heroes is still the best WW2 RTS

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