Can Video Games Help Us Learn?

Koku Gamer writes: "Computers and games have been influencing the way we learn for quite some time now largely due to military foresight, primarily the US military's funding, and it appears to be paying dividends in some respects. Militaries around the world are making use of simulators and investing in their development due to their low cost compared to purchasing real equipment which is typically in the billions, repair costs to equipment, and there simply not being enough real equipment to practice on. If you have ever encountered a simulation program, essentially a video game with a focus on learning, then you have surely been surprised by the amount that can be learned in a short time even given some of their steep learning curves."

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Andrew Wiggin2949d ago

Very intriguing, games have helped me learn in the past.

Ziriux2949d ago

I know games like Sudoku or however you spell it help the brain think more, along Brain Age along with trivial games. Games like Gears of War, well not at all.

PshycoNinja2949d ago

Every game has a moral. Almost every game has you "learn" the controls, learn how to navigate levels and solve puzzles.

Ziriux2949d ago

Yea, I mean who konws one day the Loctus might attack us.

Wonderfulwest2949d ago

Video games depending on which kind can help you learn, Brain Age Academy is a great example of a game that helps you learn and develop your brain.

Ziriux2948d ago

Hate me or not, my fav. game on the DS was Brain Age, I didn't find anything else to be as useful nor fun.

Wonderfulwest2948d ago

Also football manager helps you learn tatics and gives you more football info lol

chisox1002948d ago

call of duty taught me all about wwii guns....thats the only thing vgs have taught me

platanero1882948d ago

gta helps kids know and see what happens when a dude goes on a f***ing rampage and gets into drugs

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