Icrontic: Shattered Horizon Release Date, Pricing Announced

Pricing, release date, DLC, and dedicated server information for Shattered Horizon was announced today.

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Pandamobile3253d ago

Nevermind, $15 for me, since I beta tested =D

Charmers3253d ago

Maybe it is my age but I was in the beta for Shattered Horizons and I thought it was an atrocious game. The performance was awful (single figure frame rates on a quad with GTX260) even on low settings. The game itself was incredibly repetitive and "samey". To be honest I consider $20 to be a rip off for a shattered horizons. I would've been a bit more positive if it had been free like Battlefield heroes.

Any one thinking of getting this game should WAIT for a demo and try it out before you put your money down.

primesuspect3253d ago

This IS Futuremark, after all; they are known to be punishing on hardware.

I see this as a Crysis-like beast: The hardware to truly push the game doesn't exist yet. I'm thinking you'll need GTX295 or Radeon 5850-level hardware to play this game at a reasonable clip.

Pandamobile3253d ago

When did you play in the beta? When I started off everything was horribly jittery and I struggled to get 30 FPS. Towards the end, they fixed it up and I got a solid 60.

Charmers3253d ago

I got my beta invite on the 28th September 2009. The first time I played it I was aghast at how awful the frame rate was. I mean fair enough my quad with GTX260 isn't a "power house" but I would expect to get better than single figure fps on low settings.

I did two or three play test sessions up till I think the 10th October. After that the game just couldn't hold my interest and I didn't feel inclined to carry on with the beta.

Now if you are saying they went from single figure framerates on LOW settings to 60fps on High settings in a month I won't disagree with you. I just think it would be prudent for people to check the demo out first, not only to see if their machine can actually run it at a playable rate but also whether the gameplay is to their liking. I found it rather dull, repetitive and grew tired of it easily.

Pandamobile3253d ago

I don't blame you for being a little skeptical. But it did improve dramatically over the last update or two.

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UPSLynx3253d ago

$20? IN

This game keeps getting better and better. I'm a graphics nut though, I'll buy it for the engine.