Videogamer: AVP Hands-on Preview

Videogamer writes: "The Aliens vs Predator brand has a long and varied history in the realm of gaming. Over the years several developers have approached the license in different ways, resulting in everything from scrolling beat-em-ups (via Capcom) to real-time strategy outings (via EA and Zono Inc). Some of these efforts were better than others, but most gamers will agree that the most successful outings were those that adopted a first-person shooter format - a structure first used by British developer Rebellion. In 1994 the Oxford-based studio hit upon the idea of a three-part FPS for the Atari Jaguar - a sci-fi triptych that would allow players to stalk their prey as a high-tech Predator, slash open faces as a vicious Xenomorph, and soil their pants as a terrified Colonial Marine."

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